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The Essential Things you Must Carry while Yachting in Dubai


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  • 03-March-2023


If you are planning a trip on a yacht that you will rent from a yacht charter company in Dubai, there are some things that you should not forget when going on the trip. In this blog post, we attempt to list out a few things that you need to carry for a Dubai yacht rental trip that you want to enjoy. Any reliable yacht rental in Dubai Marina will likely give you a list of the essentials that you need to carry. Do not forget to ask them for the list during your yachts booking in Dubai


What you have to pack – the essentials


If your boat rental in Dubai is during the summer, there are some things that you must carry for protection from the heat and the sun. What you have to essentially pack includes your medicines, an effective sunscreen lotion, and your phone and whatever works offline in it. 


What you need to wear


It is highly recommended that you wear light-coloured clothes made of linen. With whatever attire you are wearing (both men and women), ensure that you follow the culture and tradition of the place that you are in. Wear a pair of flat shoes that are comfortable on your feet – flip-flops, sandals, boat shoes, etc. Other travelling aids include a cloth hat to protect you from the sun. Do not forget to carry your sunglasses during your luxury yacht rental in Dubai. It is better to wear a dress that fully covers your body if you do not want a tan. Ensure that your sunglasses and hat have straps so that you do not lose them in the strong winds or the big waves of the sea that may hit unpredictably.


Also, carry your earplugs and eye masks if you want to take a snooze when on the yacht charter in Dubai. The fact that you are in a brand-new environment can make it difficult if you want to sleep. The eye mask and earplugs will block out all noises and distractions, and make it easy for you to sleep and rest.


About the sunscreen


Instead of regular sunscreen, carry a bottle of reef-safe sunblock when you rent a boat in Dubai. Reef-safe sunblock lacks oxybenzone and octinoxate. These two chemicals block the UV and could bleach coral. Reel-safe sunblock prevents any damage to the seas that you are travelling to. Reef-safe sunblock protects the environment and you from harm when on a yacht in Dubai.


Carry a dry bag


When you opt for yachts hired in Dubai, store your devices and valuables inside a dry bag that is flexible and sealed. This will help to keep it away from the moisture-laden and salty winds of the seas. A dry bag will keep away your precious devices from any harm in the future.


Offline Music


Streaming music may be convenient; however, in some places outside your country, it may not be reliable. Also, licensing rules can prevent you from playing specific music in certain counties. To hear your favourite songs anywhere and at any time, ensure that you download them onto your mobile phone. Then, you can play them offline anytime, even when you rent a yacht in Dubai.




If you have opted for a yacht charter in Dubai, and that too in the summer, remember that it is essential for you to stay hydrated. For this ensure that you carry your favourite beverages as well as enough quantities of potable water. Of course, the yachts rental company in Dubai from which you have hired the yacht will take care of this aspect. 


Medical Kit


You will have to carry a medical kit with essential medicines. Ensure that it has all that a first-aid kit contains including a band-aid, gauze and tape, and pain medications for headaches and hangovers. If there is something you have for seasickness, carry that one also.


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