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  • 21-February-2023


Yachts booking in Dubai Marina are becoming more popular and common among those tourists who are looking for an unforgettable experience on its waters. Whether you are looking for quality time with friends and family or are in a romantic mood, a luxury yacht charter in Dubai may be just the right thing to do. You can drink in the sights of the Dubai shoreline and perhaps enjoy some watersports too. 


Choosing the correct yacht


There are several types of vessels available when you go in for luxury yachts rental in Dubai. Hiring a superyacht will get you a fine level of luxury. They offer a lot of space for you and your guests to move around and this boat rental in Dubai also comes with amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, or maybe even a helicopter pad.


Making your bookings


You can do your yachts booking in Dubai online. It is the best way to sail along the Dubai shoreline and enjoy the different sights of the Dubai Marina with your family and friends in tow. When you book the yacht in Dubai after choosing the best-fit private charter, the Dubai yacht rental company usually sends you an email confirmation specifying all the details including the confirmed dates, the time of departure and arrival, and the inclusions and exclusions.  


Dubai Marina Sights from the yacht


The best part about hiring a yacht charter in Dubai is that you are still sailing across the seas while simultaneously enjoying the views of the Dubai shoreline from the deck. To look at Dubai Marina from the yacht deck is a very unique experience. The Dubai Marina is home to some of the most sought-after al fresco dining options, neighbourhoods, and exciting attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.


You can get to sail along Palm Jumeirah, the massive artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. You can also witness a glimpse of the Atlantis, the Palm, and Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star rated hotel in this world, is also visible. Take beautiful snaps for your Instagram stories while on the yacht tour using these landmarks as a backdrop.


You can visit the Dubai Eye and sail from the Dubai Marina to Bluewaters Island. You can skim past other beautiful sights along the Dubai Marina and see the skyline of Dubai from a different perspective. 


If you go yachting in Dubai along the Dubai Marina you can explore the city skyline at your own pace and also enjoy the best cuisines. You can also choose to sail past the historic places of Dubai if you so choose. 


Watersports on a Dubai Yacht Ride


You can book a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina that includes water sports activities. This would be an exciting way to spend your vacation time. You can enjoy banana boat rides, jet ski rides, etc. However, you will have to select a company that offers yacht rental in Dubai along with water sports activities. Ensure that you find out the equipment they possess, how much time you will spend on the waters on the jet ski, etc.


When it comes to booking private yachts for hire in Dubai, it’s important to do due diligent research and choose a company of repute. Look out for companies that have a range of vessels available, as also experienced crew members who are professionally qualified. Additionally, ensure that you check the company’s reviews and ratings before making your bookings.


Food On the Yacht rides in Dubai


 Private yachts charter in Dubai comes with many food options. A standard yacht rental in Dubai comes with some default food options. The yachts hire Dubai prices may include these options. You can enjoy an onboard breakfast or BBQ depending on your yacht tour timing. 


However, a luxury yacht rental in Dubai will allow you to choose from a set of options that they make available to you. When you book a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina, you can get to enjoy delicious Arabic specials or Arabic street food such as chelo kebabs, luqaimats, or knafehs. You can try these culinary dishes at least once when on board the yacht. 


About D3 Yachts


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