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Curious to ride a Jetski?


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  • 26-September-2022


Every adventure lover's wish is to hop on a jet ski and go for a ride. This water-based activity is extremely fun and recreational. If you are a speed lover, the best. You can enjoy nature, especially the coolness of water and the sparkling sunshine. The sense of freedom this ride gives you is beyond words to explain. For a jet ski safari, call your friends for a healthy competition. You can select the spot where you will begin the excursion. If you are in search of the best water sports in Dubai, then you should contact D3 Watersports, which is a subsidiary of D3 Yachts.

A power-packed ride

D3 Watersports provides the best jet ski rental service in Dubai, where you can feel your racing heart. These power-packed jet ski rides through the sea waves enable you to experience the thrills. Battle gravity with these incredible water bikes and have plenty of fun. Even if you have limited experience with this watersport, you don't have to worry much as we have an experienced trainer who can guide you through your entire adventurous journey. Like any other watersport, you can easily handle a jetski if you can spend enough time and energy learning about this power-packed ride.

Explore your favourite destinations


The coolest way to explore different destinations in Dubai will be through jet ski rental in Dubai. Travel to all those places in Dubai Marina that you could cover using a jet ski. There are many tourist destinations near the marina where you can explore the places. It will be an entirely different experience for you to ride a jetski along with exploring the places. A great adventure awaits you here at D3 Yachts. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset view while performing this watersport. All you have to do is book watersports along with yacht bookings in Dubai.

Hour-based jet ski trip

You have the luxury of gliding on the waves once you book a yacht in Dubai. The high-speed jet skiing ride can last up to a few hours. Our staff can provide you with information about the timing of the jet ski, and you can choose your own timing.The excitement this sport gives you in a short period of time is tremendous. If you are not sure of the timing you need, you can ask the instructor about the same. For a normal ride, 30 minutes is apt, but if you need to increase your timing, you can also notify us.

A guide for your safety

Is this your first time on a jet ski? Never mind. As far as D3 Watersports is concerned, you don't have to worry about being an amateur. We have professionals that can teach and guide you through your ride. In fact, any yacht service provides such facilities when you book luxury yachts in Dubai. You can enjoy an action-packed evening learning to drive a jet ski. You even know how to safely launch and dock the jet-ski, how to turn in flat water, and what safety precautions to take when operating a jet ski. If you want, your guide will accompany you throughout the ride. Our Jet Ski operators are licensed and hold a certificate.

Healthy competition with friends

If you are a professional and know how to ride a jetski already, then how about organising some healthy competition among your friends or colleagues? When booking a yacht in Dubai Marina, don't forget to book watersports as well. Riding across the beautiful sea water with speed is fun. Make sure that you know how to swim. Anyway, you will be wearing safety equipment and our professionals will be there to take care of you. If you feel that the sun is too hot, wear sunglasses. Let your gang compete and let us see who wins the race this time.

Experience nature

Even if you organise a corporate yacht party in Dubai, make sure that you avail the watersports services too. It will give you a chance to get to know nature closely. Feel the warm sunshine and cool water. The ultimate happiness this gives is immense, and the memories never fade either. There are many guests who book D3 Watersport services when they go for a birthday yacht party in Dubai. This will also make them have the most fun. Visit the places that you should be visiting once you are in Dubai. A jetski ride can definitely take you to all those places.

Speed lovers' best sport


Don't worry about booking a small yacht rental in Dubai as such small services also provide water sports facilities. D3 Yachts can guarantee you such an experience even if you book them along with chartering our Jacuzzi yachts in Dubai. Try a jetski because it is the best one for those who love speed. Just like you race on the track, you can race on the water. It is just like riding a bike but on water. It will be very interesting to ride this watercraft once you know the art of handling it. So whenever you visit Dubai, hop on a jetski and take a ride to feel refreshed.

Carry essential things

Before coming for a jetski ride, you have to make sure of certain things so that important stuff is not missed. You have to carry some items like sunglasses, an extra pair of clothes, a hat, sunscreen, and even a phone or camera to capture your beautiful moments. At the time of yacht booking in Dubai, you have to inform them of your level of experience you have with Jet Ski. If you are a professional, then there will be no need for a guide, but if you are not, then we can arrange a professional for you. But never forget about the things you should bring along with you.

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