Luxury yachting in Dubai

Luxury yachting: the top yacht amenities to enjoy your vacation


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  • 07-June-2023


A luxury yacht charter in Dubai is something that every traveller looks forward to. Luxury yachts act as floating luxury hotels and serve all the top-tier facilities, including entertainment, world-class cuisine, and water toys, to the guests. As the quality of facilities improves, there may be a variation in the prices of yachts hired in Dubai. Most luxury yacht charters are private and have a crew for assistance. Moreover, luxury yacht rental in Dubai is considered an icon of status and wealth. The size of these luxury yachts is also huge to begin with. They can be 100 feet or more in length. Listed below are some of the top amenities your luxury yacht can provide you with.

Jacuzzi on Deck in Dubai Yachts

Having a jacuzzi onboard adds beauty and luxury to the yacht. If you are thinking of a luxury yacht rental in Dubai, then try booking a jacuzzi yacht for your trip. At D3 Yachts, we provide yachts with jacuzzis onboard that can elevate our guests’ overall luxury experience. On your trip, you can relax, making your mind and body calm as the warm waters of the jacuzzi have therapeutic benefits beyond your imagination. Even if you are arranging a yacht party in Dubai, make sure that you hire a Jacuzzi yacht so that you can get it all in one go: health, fun, and comfort.

Luxury Accommodation in Dubai

When you hire a party yacht in Dubai Marina, you should also consider the interiors. Especially if you have a huge list of guests to take care of. Luxury yachts can provide you with amazing interiors and facilities onboard. The accommodations on your yacht should protect your privacy and provide you with astonishing space. Some deluxe yachts hired in Dubai provide such facilities. As far as D3 Yachts Dubai is considered, we have huge deck space, large windows that give fabulous views, and other incomparable amenities you wish you had on your trip.

Fine Dining Experience in Dubai

Another delightful experience that you have onboard is the wonderful cuisine from all over the world. Most luxury yacht charters in Dubai will provide a menu to their customers, from which they can choose the dishes to be included in their trip. If you wish to have a private chef onboard, then these yacht charter providers will also provide you with one. The fine dining experience that a luxury yacht can give you is something that is impossible to explain. For your yacht birthday party in Dubai, you can make use of this service. It is also seen that many companies arrange a gourmet chef for their corporate yacht party in Dubai.

Music System

For smooth and rhythmic sailing, having an impressive music system onboard is a must. Most luxury yacht rentals in Dubai provide this facility. If not, during your yacht booking in Dubai, you can inform your service provider of the same. You can enjoy the playlist that you have prepared for your yacht charter in Dubai. When you are in open waters, the music system will keep you busy, and you can avoid noise too. A perfect music system not only gives you a chance to listen to your favourite music while dancing but also helps you hear low as well as high tones. All our yachts have basic amenities like a music system, a BBQ grill, etc.

Watersports Equipment in Dubai

Another facility that you can enjoy when you book a yacht in Dubai is the watersports equipment. Not all yacht rentals provide you with such a facility. We have a huge list of watersports equipment that can be utilised during your boat rental in Dubai. From jet skis to water skis to flyboards, you can avail yourself of our watersports equipment and enjoy an exhilarating water experience. For an adventure lover, this may be the best opportunity, as you can enjoy both your watersports adventure and yacht charter in Dubai.

Water Toys in Dubai

Apart from the watersports equipment, some water toys are also available when you rent a yacht in Dubai. These include toys like inflatable water slides and inflatable water pools. These toys promote aerobic activities, as one needs more body movements to play with them. A private yacht charter in Dubai can be wonderful if you can pay extra for these water toys. Especially if you are with your family, where kids are included, these are a must for fun. They protect you from falling into deep waters and save you from marine creatures that may have a chance of attacking you. So when you book a yacht in Dubai, don't forget to book these too.

Star Hotel Facilities  in Dubai

Your luxury yacht rental in Dubai Marina can provide facilities that a five-star hotel can offer you. If you are in search of an exclusive experience, then why not go for a yacht hire in Dubai where you can enjoy various amenities onboard? Luxurious interiors, gourmet food, entertainment options, and a warm jacuzzi bath—a private luxury yacht can give you all the high-end facilities of a star hotel. The difference it makes is that you can enjoy a wonderful cruise across Dubai's waters, which a five-star hotel cannot provide. Why do you need to think more? Just book a yacht in Dubai and have fun.

D3 Yachts is one of the best yacht rentals in Dubai, where you could come with your family or friends to celebrate various events. We also provide the best corporate yachts in Dubai for companies that wish to organise their success parties or other events. If you are planning for your beloved one’s yacht birthday party in Dubai, then we also have a list of yachts that can accommodate all of your guests and make the event a successful one. We know that you may be wondering about the yacht rental prices in Dubai. But all you have to do is contact us, and we will solve your doubts.