A private yacht charter in Dubai for your family trip

A private yacht charter in Dubai is one of the best ways to create some great memories with your family. Go out on a family yacht vacation in Dubai, cruise the blue waters, and enjoy sightseeing. Watch the sunset with your loved ones and enjoy a delicious dinner on board our luxurious yachts.

Family Fishing Trip in Dubai

Are you thinking of a family yacht charter vacation in Dubai? If yes, why don't you arrange a fishing tour with your kids in Dubai? A fishing trip in Dubai will be a fantastic idea to connect with your children. A private yacht charter with fishing lets them develop a love for nature and a passion for the sea. Book your yacht fishing trip with your family in Dubai with D3 Yachts. Create fun-filled memories with a family yacht vacation at Dubai Marina. Book nothing less than the best yacht for your family.


Making the children learn to fish in Dubai would be a great way to make them interact with nature too. It doesn't matter if you are a first-timer. What's important is to have fun throughout the family yacht charter in Dubai.


Fishing could be great entertainment for parents looking forward to spending alone time with their kids. Even if you are an experienced angler, these fishing trips in Dubai allow you to relax in a peaceful environment during your family yacht trip in Dubai.


As a family, it is everyone’s dream to create memories that last a lifetime. Many yacht rental companies provide fishing packages, including deep-sea fishing tours in Dubai, for families. It will be a whole new experience for the children, as there will be an inseparable bond that is formed when family members get together. Book your family yacht charter in Dubai today.

The best yachts for family trips in Dubai

Family yachting in Dubai can be incredible if you can include all of your family members on the yacht trip. You can choose from the many private yacht charter packages in Dubai and find out which one suits the best for your family yacht trip in Dubai.

Family of 5

If you are a small family of five members or less, consider booking a private yacht for your family get-together from a premium yacht rental company in Dubai. Choose a yacht that is suitable for you instead of an ultra-luxury yacht. A smaller yacht would be a great private party yacht for your family vacation in Dubai.

Family of 10

Why celebrate all your special occasions at home? It will be wonderful to go on a surprise party boat charter with your family. We have the best yachts for family yacht trips in Dubai. Book a family yacht vacation in Dubai with us.

Family of 50

Thinking about a private yacht charter in Dubai to get together with your family? If you have invited a lot of your relatives, say around 50, then no worries. You can book our family yachts for gatherings and celebrations in Dubai. Our private yacht rentals in Dubai have yachts of various sizes, and we can help you accommodate your larger guest group as well. Enjoy beautiful moments onboard together and go on an awesome family yacht trip in Dubai on our private yachts.

Surprise birthday celebration in Dubai

Miss no moments of fun in your life. Why don't you throw a surprise birthday party on a luxurious boat in Dubai for your beloved one? Let them celebrate their most precious day by making the most of their memories. Check out the family yacht rental packages in Dubai that we provide for you.

Parents birthday

Remember how your parents wished for and celebrated your birthday as a child? Let's give back the love they have shown. How about a private yacht birthday celebration in Dubai for your parents? Arrange a beautiful birthday party on a yacht in Dubai for them, and see the sparkle in their eyes.

Partner's birthday

Give the ultimate surprise to your loved one on their special day by celebrating their birthday on a private yacht in Dubai. We provide premium yachts that are perfect for your special occasions. Just rent out a yacht and give your spouse a huge surprise.

Kids birthday

Arrange a birthday party or celebration on a yacht for your kids. Your children will be thrilled to know that you are giving them an awesome private yacht birthday party in Dubai. With many entertainment options and decorations, you can make your kid's birthday party on a yacht in Dubai a special one.

Adventurous family watersports in Dubai

A family yacht booking in Dubai can be an exciting one if you choose some great adventurous water sports that can be done with family. You can book thrilling activities in Dubai with us to make your trip memorable.

Banana boat ride in Dubai

It is one of the most popular and safest water rides that can be done with family. If you search for things to do with your family in Dubai, this ride will be at the top of the list. It is a must-try watersport in Dubai for a fun vacation with family. Create an everlasting and memorable experience. Book a banana boat ride in Dubai with us.

Donut boat ride in Dubai

Rent a donut boat ride in Dubai if you have already experienced a banana boat ride. A water adventure in Dubai with family will be a fun experience, and that's especially true if it's a donut ride.

Inflatable pool

Inflatable pools are not just for kids. They're great for adults to have fun as well. Moreover, doing watersports in Dubai with kids is super fun. If you are looking for inflatable pool rentals during your family yacht trip in Dubai, then you can contact us directly.

Family yacht trip in Dubai with dinner

Looking for family-friendly yacht charters in Dubai? No more second thoughts! Just plan a dinner cruise at Dubai Marina with your family, and we will make it happen.

Dinner cruise in Dubai

What if you are in the middle of the ocean, viewing a beautiful sunset, and enjoying a candlelight dinner? Isn't it wonderful? What if you can also discover Dubai during the cruise? Already excited? Why don't you just book a Dubai dinner cruise with D3 Yachts?

Continental dinner night

Are you a continental food lover? Then hire a yacht cruise in Dubai with a buffet dinner. With all the continental dishes you love, serve your family a bite of these delicacies. Also, organise a dinner yacht party in Dubai exclusively for them.

Arabic dinner menu

The best thing about booking a luxury yacht dinner cruise in Dubai is that you and your family get to experience the true luxury of Dubai. Choose a dinner cruise with the local Arabian cuisine so that you can explore the food culture of the area. Contact us for our family excursion yacht charter packages.


What is a family yacht rental, and how does it work?
You can book a private yacht in Dubai from a yacht rental company. We provide the best yachts that you can rent at Dubai Marina. You can enjoy a sightseeing yacht cruise, have a dinner cruise, host an event, or celebrate a special occasion with your family on your rented private yacht.
You can book a family yacht trip in Dubai with D3 Yachts. All you have to do is decide the date and number of guests and book your preferred yacht by making the payment. You can contact us directly if you have any special requests or need guidance in selecting the right yacht for you.
At D3 Yachts, we have a wide range of luxury yachts, varying in amenities and facilities. If you need a private yacht experience, you can book any of our yachts. You can otherwise choose a yacht depending on the number of guests and your purpose. We have yachts that can carry 10 guests and yachts that can accommodate up to 130 guests. The choice is yours.
If you are booking a private yacht charter in Dubai from D3 Yachts, you have higher chances of customising the itinerary of your family yacht trip in Dubai. There can be limitations in the case of shared yacht trips. It's always better to communicate your needs and preferences while booking your family yacht vacation in Dubai so that you can have an overall smooth experience.
A family yacht vacation in Dubai includes a sightseeing cruise covering the major marvels of Dubai. You can choose to cruise during the evening hours, watch the sunset, or plan a dinner yacht cruise under the starlit sky. The amenities available differ on various yachts, so you can check and confirm this for yourself while booking your family yacht vacation in Dubai.
Planning to book a family yacht charter in Dubai? It's always great to book your yacht cruise as early as possible. Seasons and demands might end up filling slots faster. Booking earlier will ensure that you get the best yacht that suits your unique purpose.
There are no age restrictions for children on the yacht during your family yacht vacation. Just make sure to carry all the essentials for your children.
We put your safety first. At D3 Yachts, we have a special team that thoroughly checks every nook and cranny of the yacht. We make sure to adhere to all safety standards so that you can sit back and relax.