Why do you need a Photoshoot in Dubai on a yacht?


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  • 27-October-2022


A picture can speak for itself rather than a thousand words. Photography is the best way to preserve a moment for ages, and that’s why many record their beautiful moments without fail. Whether for a corporate yacht charter in Dubai or a yacht birthday party in Dubai, guests demand photography services. The latest trend is that many people go for ad photoshoots in Dubai or for wedding shoots on yachts in Dubai. Unique and creative photos have always been able to capture the hearts of millions. So, if you are planning a luxury yacht charter in Dubai, include photography services so that all the moments spent are recorded.

An emerging trend of conducting photoshoots on yachts

The new trend that is seen nowadays in the yachting industry is the stylish photoshoots that are done on yachts. Guests wish to record their major life events, such as a wedding proposal, baby shower, or even the birthdays of pets on a yacht. Many yachts rental companies in Dubai, like D3 Yachts, provide photography services to the guests so that they never have to worry about taking pictures in between their fun moments. Nowadays, many films, advertisements, and music videos are also shot on a yacht along with outdoor shoots in Dubai, so that the picturesque background, blue sea, and luxury interiors of a yacht enhance the visual as a whole, making the audience feel elevated.

Types of photoshoots done on yachts

From individual shoots to massive shoots, any type of shoot can be done when you hire a yacht for a photoshoot. Individuals may want to record their personal moments like birthdays, wedding proposals, etc., while companies may have to shoot their advertisements, corporate videos, or product shoots on ultra-luxury yachts. Whatever your needs are, D3 Yachts can provide photography yacht rentals in Dubai as well as the necessary photography services, including a photographer. Below are some types of photoshoots that can be done on yachts:

  • Advertisement shoots

  • Film shoot

  • Music Videos

  • Fashion photography

  • Baby shoots

  • Pre/post-wedding shoots

  • Concerts

  • Food Photoshoot

  • Corporate Photoshoot

  • Maternity Photoshoot

  • Official life events

D3 Yachts offers the following services

During your Yacht booking in Dubai, you can request for a Luxury Yacht so that you will get some nice background for your images and all Baby shoots and your photography needs are met. Click as many images in Dubai Marina to satisfy your inner soul. D3 Yachts can arrange everything for your requirement if you are able to notify us during the time of yacht booking. From decor to food to entertainment, we can arrange everything for you so that such responsibilities won't be a burden to your wonderful moments. For private shoots like baby shoots, wedding proposals, etc., we have our own professional photographers to serve you.

Capture beautiful moments 

A photograph is an immortal object. Not in the sense that it is not getting damaged, but in the sense that the moment in the present is preserved forever. After all these years, when you look into the photos you have captured while you were enjoying the moment, it can surely bring tears to your eyes. This is why you have to go for photo yacht rentals in Dubai so that you never miss a second. When you charter a yacht from any yacht company in Dubai, make sure that you get the photography service you need. Because without a photograph, how can you cherish your beautiful memories?

A new experience that you’ll get

You might have gone to the beach to view the sunset. But the view of the sunset you’ll get when you are on a yacht is entirely different. Imagine an amazing photograph taken with your beloved with the sunset sky as a backdrop. Isn't it wonderful? So, in between your Dubai yacht charter capture such beautiful photos with the help of a professional photographer. You have to make sure that when you book a yacht in Dubai, you also specifically mention the need for a photographer. You can also make use of the photographic destinations in Dubai, such as the view of Burj Al Arab from the yacht.

Photoshoots for a mass audience

When it comes to professional photography or videography by firms or individuals for a wider audience, they have to arrange the necessities on their own. Since advertisement shoots, film shoots, and music videos vary in genre from normal photoshoots, the price range for them also varies. Companies or individuals can go for yacht rental in Dubai marina to do luxury yacht photoshoots. Since the shoots may require more time to finish, you can lease our yachts according to our different packages. You can enquire about our party yacht rental in Dubai and the offers we provide by contacting our team.

Why not include videography along with the Dubai photoshoot?

For your corporate yacht party in Dubai or your most personalized yacht birthday party in Dubai, you can add not just photography services but also videography services. When still images are a treasure, moving images add life to the moments. After years, you and the people around you may change, but never the people in the video. You can make sigh at that time, saying "yes, this was me." So, whenever you need a photographer to capture fun moments, include a videographer so that everything will be professional. Moreover, a professional video is much better than a shaking, unclear mobile video.

Prebook yachts for your event

It is always better to pre-book your yacht as the yachting season has arrived and many of the yachts may not be available according to your timings. So, if you need a yacht rental for a birthday party in Dubai, make a reservation ahead of time. You can rent a yacht as per your needs when this is done on time. Your luxury yacht photoshoot can be incredible once everything is arranged well. If you still have doubts regarding our services and offers, don't worry, just get in touch with our professionals. They will respond and clear up any confusion you may have about yacht photography.

If you are planning to go for the service of a professional photographer for your yacht rental for a birthday party in Dubai, you can just inform us. We can arrange for professional photographers to click every moment of yours. Hire our yachts to see what we can offer you. Even if you plan a Dubai Travel shoot, you can also include yacht rentals in the bucket list.