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A Yearly Once Yachting Experience Feels Like a Million Bucks


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  • 28-July-2022


What's the best gift that you can give to a person? It varies from person to person, but there is no doubt that a once-in-a-lifetime experience will be on that list. Memorable experiences that one can carry with them are what people love to have rather than tangible gifts. Yachts provide experiences of sophistication, class, and luxury. This is why a corporate yacht party in Dubai is so much better than the usual office party held at a hotel. So, how can you turn your yacht charter in Dubai into a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

If you are a businessman or a project manager or someone who works with people, you know the importance of building connections and making them feel valued by providing a good experience. It is true in the case of clients as well as employees. Making people feel appreciated and respected is the best way to foster a good office culture and it's the easiest way to succeed. So, every gathering or meeting, be it with clients or employees, needs that extra care to ensure that it is a good experience for all the participants. What's the easiest way to do this? Rent a yacht in Dubai and add a bit of luxury to your event.

Here are some events that could use the glam of a private yacht in Dubai,

  1. Project Success Parties

Everyone knows how much work goes behind winning that last project and the long toiling hours and days that are required to launch a new product. Your team deserves a great day, and hosting a dazzling project success party can help them unwind and enjoy the day. Go for party yacht rentals in Dubai with an experienced yacht rental agency like D3 yachts to plan unforgettable project success parties. 

If you are planning a product launch or having an after-party after a successful closure, book a yacht in Dubai with a good yacht rental company to maintain the professional touch and add finesse. The dazzling interiors and ambiance inside the yacht itself form a dais for the perfect product launch, while the experienced staff will help you host the corporate yacht party in Dubai of your dreams.

  1. Team Meetings

Yachts are equipped with boardrooms and staterooms where you can have state-of-the-art facilities to hold official meetings. Bringing your clients to a yacht for meetings can help your brand get a boost. Yachts can provide a very casual feel and a very sophisticated feel at the same time. This will help you connect with the clients on a personal level while maintaining professionalism.

You can ask the cooks to prepare meals based on the preferences of your clients. The cooks at the yachts are familiar with international cuisines and can cook you delicious food that your team would love. 

Even if you are having a high-level internal team meeting for critical decision-making, you can have long and important discussions with enough privacy and in the midst of luxury. 

  1. Employee Appraisal/ Appreciation

Are you wondering what's the best gift to give your star employee? Well, what is better than a chance to go on a cruise and stay on a luxurious private yacht in Dubai once a year? Your best employees deserve the best vacations ever, and a private yacht charter can give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their family and would help them relax and rejuvenate. Showing your appreciation with a gift like a yacht charter shows how important your employees are to you, and giving a luxury yacht charter as a prize helps them be motivated. 

It is also a good incentive for other employees, and you can also give away chances for a luxury yacht charter in Dubai as prizes for promoting healthy competition in the workplace.

  1. Workation

In a post-pandemic world, employees and employers are embracing different working models like hybrid work and working from anywhere. Workations are becoming more and more popular as the lines between work and vacation have blurred. Dubai is both a tourist paradise and a business hub as well. A perfect combination for a city, which is why the world is choosing Dubai as a popular destination for their work. The easiest way to make your work experience memorable is to book a yacht in Dubai and go on a private cruise.

Yachts are the perfect choice for people who would love to get away from the buzz of the city and relax. Yachts help you take luxury with you wherever you go. You can go on cruising the bays, working quietly and relaxing as much as you want on your work vacation. The private chefs will cook the food that you need. Dine under the stars, have a sunbath or enjoy the evening lights with a cup of coffee. Do your morning yoga in the midst of the sea, enjoy a bit of fishing, swim if you want, and experience the beautiful vistas of the horizon while relaxing your mind and body. Dubai offers a lot of opportunities for adventure. You can explore the city, engage in adventurous water activities, as well as go on a luxury yachting experience. Whether you are going to rent a yacht in Dubai for a peaceful getaway or a fun-filled vacation, you won't be disappointed.

  1. Team Lunch/Dinner

Corporate yacht parties in Dubai or appreciation gifts are not the only ways to make use of private yacht rentals for the success of your business. Team outings, team lunches, or dinners help build camaraderie among teammates and are the perfect way to boost teamwork. Teams get the perfect opportunity to interact with each other and understand one another. This can boost productivity and also help them relax and have fun in an unofficial environment. If you want to give your team the best team lunch ever, take them out on a yacht. Let them experience the luxurious amenities, decadent cuisine, and unparalleled service with a yacht charter in Dubai. 

You can also plan activities that help team members connect and encourage them to work together. Winning and losing games help teams grow closer and help them work together when they get back to the office. This makes a corporate yacht rental for a team lunch a million-dollar yachting experience and worth every penny that you spend on it. Rent a yacht in Dubai from an experienced yacht rental company like D3 yachts, who are experts in hosting different types of corporate events and provides amenities and services of international standards.

4 Ways to make your corporate yacht rental in Dubai an exciting experience 

  1. Choose Food and Soft Drinks

Being a cultural, business, and tourist hub makes Dubai an international location in every sense. So, when you are planning a party yacht rental in Dubai or a private yacht charter for team meetings, spice it up with some cuisine from around the world. Ask for the team's favourite drinks and food, and vote if you must. This will give you a special chance to experiment with the world of food. You can talk to the staff at the yacht rental agency about the choice of food and soft drinks that you want when you book a yacht in Dubai.

  1. Have an Official Theme

     Whether it's an office success party or a casual team meeting, turn the fun up a notch with an official theme. Themes can be anything from dress codes to food. Go for a tropical themed party or choose to dress as your favourite fictional characters. You can choose a theme based on the music for the corporate yacht party in Dubai and make it more fun with dancing.

  1. Arrange a Talent Show/Photo Session

     Photo sessions and photo booths allow the team to get together and make the event memorable. You can have professional photographers if you want, or create photo spaces where everyone can click selfies. Talent shows give your team a stage to showcase their talents and an opportunity to get to know each other better. This is an easy, fun, and engaging way to personalize your office party.

  1. Go for a Guided Tour 

    If you are planning for something more laid-back or if you want to take a break from all the partying, you can choose a guided tour of important landmarks in Dubai. This can help you get to know the dazzling city better as well as enjoy your free time.

To Sum Up:

Taking a break to enjoy by going on a yachting trip is worth every penny that you spend, whether it is a workation, team meeting, or a success party. Yachts have all the amenities and services that make it easy to make arrangements. You just have to book a yacht in Dubai from an expert like D3 yachts and communicate your specific needs to the team. They will help you make your yearly yachting experience feel like a million bucks.