5 Interesting Facts about Dubai

5 Interesting Facts about Dubai Yachting


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  • 29-March-2023


Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities among all the emirates and promises marvelous sights for tourists and travelers. Expats and celebrities often book a yacht in Dubai and spend a lot of time yachting in the waters of the shorelines. 


If you want to experience Dubai’s famous yacht cruises, you can do your yachts booking in Dubai Marina. Yacht rental in Dubai Marina is popular with families on vacation, family members wanting to spend time together on a vacation, and some hire even corporate yachts in Dubai


In this blog post, we attempt to tell you a few interesting facts about Dubai yachting. Some of them are just busted myths, nevertheless interesting. 


#1: Yachting in Dubai is not only for the rich


Though yachting is not a cheap form of entertainment, you certainly do not have to own a yacht to take a day’s trip on one with your family and friends. There are many Dubai yacht rental services that offer cheaper rates during the tourist season and the summer time. You do not have to spend millions on this.


Though you can book luxury yachts in Dubai, there are yachts of all sizes and types that are available. You can do your yachts booking in Dubai depending on your budget and personal requirements. Yachts hired in Dubai prices are nominal for small-sized yachts. However, there would be no extravagant fittings on these yachts such as mini pools and Jacuzzis. So, boat rental in Dubai is not such an expensive affair after all. 


#2: Yachting in the Dubai summer is an enjoyable affair


A majority of the people may be of the belief that yachting in Dubai may not be enjoyed during the warm weather in summer. However, it is not a wise thing to do to lie on the deck in the scorching heat. When you opt for luxury yachts rental in Dubai, the rental companies equip their yachts accordingly. When you pick a private yacht charter in Dubai, the company arranges for pools, food, and even air conditioning on the boat. This means you can beat the heat easily. 


#3: Yachting is not monotonous, boring or dangerous


Any yacht for rental in Dubai is built in a manner that has very less risk of getting into accidents. Modern yachts are equipped with satellite weather surveillance, radar, and large communication systems that help to mitigate the danger. 


Furthermore, when you hire a yacht charter in Dubai, you can rest assured that these charter companies insure their yachts for large sums of money. Therefore, the insurance company, the yacht and the people aboard are well covered.


Yachting is an exciting activity. People even arrange corporate yacht parties in Dubai. Many tourists would rather sail on a yacht than a day at the mall. In fact, there is a lot more to yacht rentals in Dubai than seeing water around you all day long.


If you charter a yacht in Dubai, a luxury category vessel, you can expect to find features such as modern theatre systems, excellent sound systems, Jacuzzis, and mini pools that will add to your experience. Some of them have a built-in kitchen, and you can prepare your favourite dishes when sailing. You can have your favourite multicuisine restaurant deliver dishes to you on the yacht.


A yacht is turning out to be the best destination for a party. Having a yacht's birthday party in Dubai is popular. The powerful music systems and lighting control make for excitement and fun. Some of the yachts have custom-built dance floors with DJs to deliver a club experience to the guests. You can even have a custom photoshoot on a yacht; why you can get married on a yacht and make it the best destination wedding ever.


#4: You can hire yachts of different sizes


The size of a yacht can range from 12m (39 feet) to dozens of metres. A yacht longer than 24 m (9 feet) can be called a super yacht and a vessel over 50 m (164 feet) is a mega yacht. Yacht charters in Dubai feature sailing vessels of all sizes from which you can take your pick.

It is estimated that about a third of the largest yachts in the world have Middle Eastern owners.


#5: Yachting in Dubai is breathtaking

Hiring a yacht in Dubai can be one of the most fun things to do in Dubai. In addition to using the yacht for sightseeing and enjoying the waters and the breathtaking views, you can enjoy watersports activities including water skiing, fly-boarding, windsurfing, etc. Dubai also has a beautiful marine ecosystem with reefs, and scuba diving and snorkelling are enjoyable.

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