Things you can do on a yacht ride during a summer vacation in Dubai Marina


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  • 15-February-2024


Thinking of visiting Dubai for your summer vacation? A private yacht ride in Dubai Marina is an experience you don't want to miss! A sightseeing yacht cruise with your family, a fishing trip with your friends, or a surprise party during your vacation getaway on a private yacht—a yacht ride in Dubai can be the perfect summer vacation plan. If you're out with friends or family and love some sort of adventure-filled activity, you can try jet skiing or flyboarding. Thinking of a vacation in Dubai to relax and recharge your mind and body? Consider it done! Great food, a unique experience sightseeing the iconic destinations of Dubai along the coastal line, and awesome party moments await you. Read on, and never miss the best summer vacation experience of your lifetime.

Water sports galore: jet skiing, paddleboarding, and more

Love a bit of adrenaline rush? Well, Dubai has something for everyone! Dubai is the paradise for those seeking some thrilling and daring adventure sports activities. During or after the yacht ride, you can choose to try jet skiing, surfing, or flyboarding. If you're with family or those seeking less adventurous watersport activities in Dubai, you can opt for paddle boarding, donut rides, banana rides, or inflatable water slides. Dive into the refreshing embrace of the Arabian Gulf, making every moment full of thrills and fun. Don't forget to capture those thrilling moments! You can either get a professional cameraman or bring your own action cameras. Make sure to wear a comfortable, loose-fitting dress, and definitely carry some sunscreen. Put on your shades, and you're ready to rock the waves.

Relax in style, enjoying onboard pools, jacuzzis, and sun decks!

Private yachts in Dubai never cease to amaze! Most of the yachts have some surprisingly top-notch features where you can sit back and relax. Sip your favourite tropical drink and bask in the sun on the expansive decks, or get yourself comfortable in the pools or refreshing jacuzzis. Imagine yourself on a luxurious yacht with all the premium amenities, sightseeing along the beautiful Dubai Marina coastal line, and gliding through the waves. Already excited? Well, book your yacht experience before it's too late! Vacations might witness higher yacht bookings, and it's always advisable to book your yacht in advance. It’s important to plan what cuisine you'll be exploring on your yacht ride in Dubai. Read on to get an idea of how the perfect cuisine can be selected for your yacht ride.

Savouring summer flavours: Indulging in refreshing drinks and delicious cuisine

Nothing elevates a good vacation experience like good food and flavorful drinks. Many of the yacht charter service providers in Dubai Marina let you customise your dining experience according to your preferences. You can request any favourite delicacies or drinks while you book the yacht itself, so that the chef has enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Also, keep in mind to let them know if you're allergic to any food items. If you're in a mood to explore something new and authentic, try something that's unique to the cuisine of Dubai. If you feel like resorting to something that's more of a comfort zone dish for you, you can stick with that. No matter what food items you're trying, always stay refreshed with some fresh fruit juices and drinks that will keep you hydrated in the summer heat. Staying energetic throughout the ride will mean that you can enjoy Dubai to the fullest.

Sunset serenades: enjoying live music and entertainment while cruising the Dubai coastline

Ever watched the sunset from the decks of your private yacht? Feel the serenity as you relax on the decks of your yacht cruise in Dubai Marina. Wait as the evening sky unfolds some amazing hues that transform slowly and give way to the stars of the night sky. Nighttime on the yacht is perfect for some live music and entertainment activities. Whether you feel like slow dancing to the music with your loved one or rocking the dance floor with the beats, have the ultimate fun on board during your vacation. Savour the moments in Dubai during your yacht vacation cruise to the fullest.

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