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6 Tips for a Fun Yacht Charter Vacation With Kids


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  • 13-March-2023


Along with the sightseeing tours in Dubai, you may also want to sail on its waters along with your kids to have some fun on the waters. For yacht rides in Dubai, you can choose to pick up your boat from yacht rentals in Dubai Marina. Suitable private yachts for hire in Dubai will allow you to take your entire family along with your kids for a ride along the Dubai coastline. 

In this blog post, we attempt to list out 10 fun things that you can do with your kids on a yacht holiday.

#1: Choosing the right destination


Yachting is fun, especially when your trip with your family and kids is a planned one with all safety arrangements in place. You should also choose a kid-friendly destination. When you book luxury yachts in Dubai, they will provide you with a list of such destinations. You can take your pick from the list and enjoy your ride. This would be a yacht charter that will be thoroughly enjoyed by your kids. 


When you decide to go on a yacht or boat tour in Dubai, ensure that your yacht is parked in shallow spots where children will get a chance to visually explore the marine life around. You can even take them snorkelling if they are old enough. This would raise their curiosity and they would ask you the right questions.


#2: Carry plenty of items


You may end up over-packing when you take your family and kids for their yacht vacation. Kids are likely to be clumsy and messy and prone to misplacing or losing things. Therefore you will need to carry extra apparel, playthings and different types of kids’ food when you yachting in Dubai with your family. When you book luxury yachts in Dubai, they will be stocked with the essentials you need. However, they will recommend that you carry more things than you think you need for items such as pacifiers, children’s clothing, children’s special food, etc., which are easy to misplace or get dirty.


#3: Play on the yacht


When you are taking your kids on a yacht trip, you have to be ready to play on the yacht. There are many ways to do this. Many of the lease yachts will have board games for the children and adults to play together and you can bring your own toys and games as well. Some yachts also have TV, and you can even enjoy a family movie. With music to play, you can even look forward to an enjoyable karaoke evening. You can pick boats that have kids’ entertainment sections such as play areas, playpens, movie rooms, etc. to keep them engaged. 


#4: Splash in the water


When on a yacht trip, you are surrounded by water. You can spend time admiring the waves and at the right spots, you can even swim, snorkel, and do some water skiing if you desire with your children. You can allow the kids to splash around at recommended shallow spots. However, you have to be careful and follow the instructions of the crew. This leads us to the next point, safety measures that you have to take care of. Yacht or boat tours in Dubai provide basic gear, but you can also rent and bring items like skis and boards for a small charge. You can even bring in some fishing lines and park the yacht and enjoy fishing with your kids. 


#5: Ensure the children’s safety


For this, you all have to strictly follow the rules laid down and recommended by the officials and crew of the Dubai private yacht rental company. Ensure that your kids follow all of the rules too. The common rules laid down are:


  • Wear a life vest while on the deck.

  • Never run on the boat.

  • Keep your head inside if the weather is bad.

  • Never swim alone.

  • Do not leave the kids alone on the foredeck.


Explain the rules to your kids in a simple manner before you board the yacht. Explain the consequences of not following rules instead of simply asking them not to do certain things. 


#6: Select a yacht having kid-friendly features


Even if you are looking to book small yachts rental in Dubai, choose the more child-friendly ones. Look for yachts that include kids' entertainment sections, that have safety netting where required and gates that will keep children from freely wandering and falling into the waters. Look for yachts that provide water toys and have smaller beds for children.


Lastly, carry sunscreen for you and the children even if the sky is overcast. The UV rays can reach all of you through the clouds. Also, ensure that they wear their life jackets throughout the trip. This will keep them safe with sufficient parental supervision. Arrange for childcare/nanny prior to the trip if your children have to be constantly looked after. 


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