Sightseeing yacht cruise rentals in Dubai

If exotic sea cruises excite you, then D3 Yachts can give you an enriching experience of the same. Our extraordinary sightseeing cruise in and around Dubai Marina will immerse you in the incredible architecture of this cultural city. Join us and discover the heart of Marina and uncover the true gems of this canal city with our sightseeing yacht tour in Dubai. From the spectacular skyline to the magical Palm Jumeirah, see for yourself what this place has to offer. Our expertly trained sightseeing yacht crew will make your journey wonderful while you sail along the mystical waters of Dubai. We provide professional yacht charters in Dubai and ensure that our guests will experience a remarkable cruise, seeing popular Dubai attractions.

Book a sightseeing tour in Dubai for your loved ones

If you're planning to give your friends, family, or loved ones a surprise or great memories they can cherish for a lifetime, a sightseeing yacht tour in Dubai can be one of the best things you can get them. At D3 Yachts, we also provide great watersports activities, which means that when you book a yacht sightseeing cruise with us, you're booking more than just a sightseeing trip; you'll be getting on board with us for a splendid journey of a lifetime.

A sightseeing tour in Dubai that's perfect for everyone

A sight-seeing tour in Dubai can be the perfect fit for kids, adults, and the elderly alike, for the cruise will be a great memory for kids, where a love for the aquatic life and cruise will be instilled in them early on, and adults can approach a sight-seeing trip in Dubai as an escape from their everyday mundane lives. For the elderly, it offers a time where they can reflect on their childhood and young years.

Places you can see if you book a small yacht rental in Dubai

Sailing through the network of canals is the best way to explore Dubai. From our yachts, you can enjoy a good view of these sites and click pictures with your loved ones. If you are worried about yacht cruise prices in Dubai, then you have landed on the right page. We can take you to experience the glittering magnificence of Dubai at a comparably affordable price range. During your boat rental in Dubai with D3 Yachts, you can enjoy various enthralling wonders. Some of them are listed below:

Twisted Tower

The Cayan Tower, or "Twisted Tower" or "Infinity Tower," as it is called, is an iconic element of Dubai’s architectural marvels.

Princess Tower

The 101-story Princess Tower is the third-tallest building in Dubai and one of the tallest completed residential towers.

Ain Dubai

The 820-foot-tall Ain Dubai, the World's Highest Observation Wheel, is a favourite among adventure seekers.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club

The renowned Dubai Marina Yacht Club is a beautiful "5-Gold Anchor" award-winning establishment with exclusive bars and restaurants.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a seven-star, status famous luxury all-suite hotel in Dubai that hosts VIPs and celebrities from all over the world.

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel

Atlantis, The Palm is an ocean-themed destination resort with 1,544 rooms, the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and 32 restaurants.


What is a sightseeing cruise in Dubai?
A sightseeing tour in Dubai provides you with a unique experience wherein you get to cruise through the Dubai waters, touching a selected set of tourist attractions like the Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Princess Tower, and the Twisted Tower, among others.
A sightseeing tour in Dubai includes a tour through a set of selected attractions in Dubai, and the tour often includes breakfast or snacks. It is always advised to ask in advance if food is served or if it is charged extra.
A sightseeing trip in Dubai Marina with D3 Yachts usually lasts around two hours and might often be a three-hour cruise on weekends. You can contact us directly and confirm this.
Definitely. You can arrange a private sightseeing tour for a group in Dubai. All you need to do is decide the date you'll like to cruise, the number of guests, and book a private yacht in Dubai with D3 Yachts. Booking a private yacht allows you to embark on a yacht cruise in Dubai with more privacy, which will give you a unique yacht sightseeing experience.
Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab and the Twisted Tower are among some of the must-see attractions during your sightseeing tour in Dubai Marina. You can either check the cruise route and main attractions covered or contact us to get an idea of the attractions covered during your yacht trip in Dubai.
Sightseeing tours in Dubai are suitable for all ages. Kids can have a great time cruising, and it will be a memorable experience. For young people, it can be a fun-filled experience and an escape from a boring life, and for the elderly, they can feel the fresh air, bask in the warm evening sun, and relive their childhood memories.
We prioritise your safety over anything else, and we have a set of experienced crew members who make sure everything is perfect and safe before each sightseeing trip in Dubai starts. We give exceptional care to each and every aspect of your yacht sightseeing tour in Dubai so that you can sit back and relax.
If you're planning to go on a sightseeing yacht tour in Dubai, it's always better to book in advance so that you don't miss the chance. Weekends, certain days of the week, or certain months might see extremely high demand for sightseeing cruises in Dubai Marina. Once you have finalised the date of your sightseeing trip in Dubai, book as soon as possible.