The Ultimate Guide to Inflatable Pools and Yachting in Dubai


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  • 20-March-2024


Yachting in Dubai Marina is in demand among tourists and travellers visiting the UAE, and it's considered a luxurious way to spend vacation, host a private party, celebrate birthdays, propose to their loved ones, and even to celebrate corporate events and do business in vogue. DJs, live music, custom delicacies or dinners, and water sports activities are some of the most sought-after things to do while on a yacht cruise in Dubai. One recent addition to this are inflatable pools and water slides that can double the fun of on-board activities. Need help choosing the right inflatable pools and slides for your next yacht cruise in Dubai Marina? We have got you covered.

The Rise of Yacht-Side Inflatable Pools in Dubai

What's better than pools onboard a luxury yacht? A yacht-side inflatable pool! You might wonder what's so special about an inflatable pool. Imagine yourself in a swimming pool in the pristine waters of Dubai, feeling the gentle waves cradling you, yet safe for your family and kids, for pools come with nettings that keep the marine creatures at bay. Safe and more comfortable, yacht-side inflatable pools are great for those who are exploring swimming in the open sea, for they get a feel of the gentle waves, and this can be a great experience for your kids or partner. Get a more intimate moment in the lap of nature with a yacht-side inflatable pool.

Choosing the Perfect Inflatable Pool for a Yacht Cruise in Dubai

Inflatable pools are definitely a great choice to elevate your private yacht cruise experience in Dubai. Choosing the right inflatable pool for your yacht cruise in Dubai is vital to ensuring that the experience is unmatched. You can communicate with your yacht rental company in Dubai Marina to get an idea of the inflatable pools they can provide you with. You can also tell them the event, and they can guide you in choosing the best pool for your yacht cruise. If you're travelling with your family, kids, or friends who are beginners in swimming, you can communicate this with the yacht rental company, and they'll provide you with inflatable pools with swimmer assist grab handles and seastairs in some models that can make it easier for users to get in and out of the pool easily.


Setting Up Your Yachtside Oasis in Dubai

Setting up an inflatable pool by your yacht during your cruise in Dubai is pretty easy. Your yacht crew will anchor at the perfect spot and set up the pool for you. They'll take care of properly securing all the parts, inflating the pool, and making sure everything is done properly so that you can have a great experience without worrying. Some yacht rental companies in Dubai also provide inflatable pools, which would be a fun and thrilling way to slide into the waters of Dubai.

Instagram-worthy Yachtside Moments in Dubai Marina

Yachting in Dubai itself is an experience that you can cherish for your whole life. If you're looking for some great snaps that you can share on your Instagram profile, you can consider hiring a professional photographer. This can be greatly helpful if you're more into the Instagram influencer kind of social media interaction. You can also bring your own action camera to capture some great footage during your magical luxury yacht cruise in Dubai. Make sure to include the iconic destinations of Dubai as a backdrop in your photographs to add more context.

Yacht Charter Packages in Dubai with Inflatable Pools

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