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What are the Fun Things you can do on a Boat Charter Trip


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  • 04-May-2023


Sailing with your friends can be a very exciting affair. It allows you to get away from the noise and everyday hustle and bustle. In this blog, we attempt to list what are the fun things you can do when you book a luxury yacht from Dubai Marina. A trip on a yacht provides a relaxing experience every time you head out on the sea. This is because it gives you a chance to explore new territories every single time you venture out into the sea. 


Sailing with your friends on a yacht gives you the time and convenience to enjoy many boating activities, enjoy peace, and have an adventure of a different sort. All of this starts by opting for yacht booking in Dubai. There are many options that reputed yacht agencies in Dubai will have on offer. You can opt for fishing yachts rental in Dubai or private yachts for hire in Dubai.


Given below are some fun activities that we can do while at sea on a yacht with friends. 


The sea is a huge playground wherein you can indulge in activities that are easy as well as others that are adrenaline-pumping. You can find activities that will make each of your friends happy. 


Yacht parties Dubai


Having a party for your friends is perhaps one of the best things to do on a yacht. You can organise a yacht from the Dubai Marina for a day trip and offer a lunch party or opt for a yacht rental in Dubai with dinner. You can charter a yacht according to the size of your guest list. 


The other options you will likely be provided are to choose a theme for the party and the type of food that has to be served on board. You can choose a yacht that has adequate amenities and the décor that you have in mind. You can throw a bachelor party, a masquerade ball, or any other themed event. 


Whatever the activity you wish to enjoy in the company of your friends, ensure that you follow all the rules laid down by the yacht rental agency when on board to have a safe and enjoyable trip. 



When you hire a party yacht from the Dubai Marina, it does not mean that you only have to party with your friends. There would be some among your friends who would like to take a cool dip. 

Swimming is the most accessible activity for your group of friends if you have opted for a Dubai Marina yacht rental. There is no need to hire any equipment nor is there any effort required to prepare for this activity. Plunging into the water after soaking in the sun gives a very refreshing feeling.  You and your friends can even indulge in some sunbathing on the deck.


If you choose deluxe yachts for hire in Dubai, then there is a good chance that they come with a swimming pool. This means your friends can take a dip anytime they want. It is all the more fun if there are kids in tow. They will be well entertained. You can even choose a yacht with a Jacuzzi for rent. This would surely lend some excitement.


Watersports in Dubai

If you want to take our office team for a yacht experience for which you may opt for corporate yacht rentals in Dubai or you want to go sailing with your friends on a yacht in Dubai, including water sports in the agenda is a good idea. 


A majority of charter yachts have a nice selection of water toys that you can use, such as inflatable pools and  inflatable slides. If you have contacted a reliable watersports provider, they may also help you and your friends to enjoy different watersports such as jet-skiing, water skiing, or banana boat riding. However, you should ensure that your operator provides you with safe equipment that you can use and enjoy.


Fishing in Dubai


It is common to hire a yacht for fishing trips in Dubai when you want to enjoy yourself as a group. You and your group will get a chance to explore incredible fishing grounds. You may even have the opportunity to cook and eat fresh catch for dinner. You can trawl for big game fish in deep waters if that is your idea of fun. You can also spin for smaller fish or simply toss a fishing line off the side of the yacht. You can do it your way.


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