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Why is a Trip to Dubai Incomplete Without Yachting During this Holiday Season


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  • 06-July-2022


Dubai is a dazzling spectacle built for business, leisure, and entertainment.  From Global village to Burj Khalifa, you get to experience opulence and grandeur in every corner. Be it sandy pristine beaches, posh cafes, or a desert adventure, Dubai has everything to give you the vacation of your dreams. But your trip to Dubai is always incomplete without yachting. What makes yachting an indispensable part of your Dubai vacation? Let's find out how yachting can provide you with food, and entertainment and dazzle you with luxury on your vacation.

Breathtaking vistas of the Dubai coastline

Dubai is a glistening and mesmerizing city for any onlooker and the breathtaking views along the Dubai coastline are a pleasure to behold. If you hire yacht in Dubai, you can take in the beauty of iconic landmarks from the sea while moving along the coastline and taking photos. Some of the spectacular views awaiting you on the way include the vistas of Dubai Marina, Ain wheel, JBR, and Atlantis. There are many options to go on a sightseeing trip when you rent a yacht. You can choose your favorite ambiance and see the city in different colors. Whether you want a beautiful morning cruise after a sumptuous breakfast, a relaxing afternoon cruise, a warm evening cruise enjoying a sunset, or a cool night view under the stars at night, you can see the city of Dubai in different hues.  Stop at the locations you love, spend time enjoying the views, taking pictures, and relaxing. Plan your itinerary with the staff when you book the yacht charter so that you will be able to make it to all the places you want to see. Make sure you book a yacht charter in Dubai to get an exclusive view of Dubai's landscapes while surfing the sea.

A Dubai Party Yacht Rental

Are you having a business party? Do you have a special occasion to celebrate in Dubai? A yacht is a perfect place to party in glitz and glamour. Yachts are the epitome of luxury and complement the splendor of Dubai. If you want to have an unforgettable occasion, a yacht party is a way to go. The advantage of renting a yacht is that you do not have to worry about arranging food or any other facilities. Yachts are your one-stop solution for hosting a dazzling party. All you have to do is tell the staff at the yacht rental agency about your requirements when you rent a yacht and you will have a perfect party ready for you. Enjoy decadent cuisines as buffets in the open air with music and make your party memorable. You can book yachts in Dubai to have a private barbecue party in the evening for your close friends and family on a special occasion like a birthday. If you are in Dubai for a business trip, and someone invites you for a yacht party, make sure you don't miss that. If you want to give a dinner to impress a client, take them to a yacht dinner and add glamour to your office parties with the luxury of a yacht. You get unparalleled service, exquisite food, opulent ambiance, and premium amenities for your party with a yacht charter from an experienced yacht rental company.

Enjoy Family Feast & Exquisite Menus 

Are you planning to take your family on a trip to Dubai? Do you want to enjoy an exclusive experience while you are visiting Dubai? If you are on a family vacation, you can go for a private yacht charter in Dubai for creating special family moments. When you hire a yacht, you have a chef, stewards, and other staff to assist you on your yacht. Private yachts offer you exquisite cuisines and can be customized on request. They also offer entertainment, family feasts with exquisite menus, and luxurious cabins for your events. Chefs in yacht rental companies like D3 yachts rentals agency are all versatile and experienced. They can cook you the meals of your preferences. All these will be catered to you by the staff and all you have to do is enjoy. Yachts add a personal touch and premium service to the lap of luxury which makes them ideal for any occasion. A romantic dinner or a happy family occasion, whatever your occasion is, you can make it special with a private yacht charter in Dubai. Spend quality time with your family in the privacy and comfort of a luxury yacht. Have fun, play games, sunbathe, relax and enjoy the peaceful bays with your family and stay overnight to enjoy your perfect family getaway. 

Holiday Staycation Option

Adventurous Water activities

Staycations are your key to escape from a busy world. You can go to a place, stay there for a while and enjoy the stay slowly. If you are planning a staycation in Dubai, yachts make a perfect staycation option for many reasons. You don't have to stay in a single place all the time. If you book yacht in Dubai, you can sail around and choose to stay wherever you want. You can wake up to the rising sun and enjoy an al fresco breakfast with a view of the city and sail around to relax in a solitary location. Another advantage of taking a yacht charter in Dubai is that you don't have to spend extra money on transportation. Go for sightseeing cruising in a luxury private yacht enjoying food prepared exclusively for you. In addition to that, you can go swimming,fishing and enjoy various water activities in Dubai. If you are tired of the mundane day-to-day life, then get a taste of adventure by exploring the range of adventurous water activities available. From jet skiing to Banana boat ride, you can do anything to make the most out of your staycation. Have fun competitions with your friends, family, or colleagues on board and in the water to take it up a notch. When you hire a yacht for a staycation, check with the various yachts rental company Dubai to find out the activities, amenities, and facilities they offer and select the one that suits your plan.

To Sum Up

Yachts are a symbol of luxury comfort and premium lifestyle and truly reflect what Dubai stands for. Dubai is a business center as well as a tourist hotspot. Whatever your intention of visiting Dubai is, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without yachting. Enjoy the luxury of a premium yacht cruise with delectable food, breathtaking vistas, world class facilities, adventure, parties, music and more. Make your trip to Dubai, one of the most memorable moments in your life with a yacht cruise. This holiday season, make sure to book yachts in advance to get the best yachts at the best prices on the days you are visiting. Yacht rental services like D3 Yachts have dedicated staff who can assist you in finding the right yacht and can customize your yacht charter based on your specific needs. Be it hosting a yacht party or having a staycation, our staff can help you with that.