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Top crewed yacht charters for a big party with premium amenities


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  • 31-March-2023


If you decide to opt for crewed super yacht rental in Dubai Marina, you can expect to have luxury and freedom and will likely prove to be an amazing experience. There are very few vacations that you can compare with luxury yacht rental in Dubai. Whether you hire this luxury yacht charter in Dubai for a romantic getaway, a get-together with your besties, or a family vacation, this will help cherish the memories for a lifetime. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of this enjoyment.


Book in advance

When you have decided to opt for yacht rental in Dubai for any big event in your life it is important to make the booking well in advance as the summer time and holiday season has many tourists waiting in queues for the ultra luxury yachts booking.


It is even recommended that you book the yachts charter a season in advance. Any grand event that you are planning in your mind can be realised with Dubai yacht rental trips. The other point is that your yachts hire Dubai prices are going to be affordable if you book tickets well in advance. This also helps you to book the right yacht for your trip.


Decide your entourage


When you want to book a yacht in Dubai, give enough thought to how many guests you plan to have on the boat rental and what kind of trip you have in mind. Yacht booking in Dubai should be done sufficiently early so that you can easily pick the correct rental yacht in Dubai.


When you do yachts booking in Dubai, normally the yacht would allow 12 guests to come on board. This complies with international maritime regulations. If you have a larger group you can book a boat in Dubai that would hold a bigger crowd. However, super yacht charters provide the ultimate luxury experience in these vessels for their guests. 


It is also vital to ask about the number of separate cabins and beds that are required. Some super yachts make an allowance for supernumeraries (who are not counted as guests) like nannies, nurses, security guards, personal assistants, etc.


Amenities in Super Yachts


Super yacht charters provide many amenities akin to that of a mini cruise ship and provide you with a ten-star service. Super yachts stretch from 150 feet to more than 300 feet in length. Usually, they have custom-made interiors that reek of opulence. 


Super yacht rentals in Dubai Marina feature superb craftsmanship, lush unique furnishings, and original artwork. The master cabin may separate walk-in wardrobes, ‘his’ and ‘her’ baths, an office and even a private balcony.


A luxury ultra yacht charter in Dubai would never compromise your privacy and safety. Such mega yacht charters feature world-class communication systems and security on board. If you need to bring work, you can hire yachts in Dubai that have comprehensive work systems and entertainment options including satellite TV, the latest sound systems and movies on demand.


 D3 Yachts - Amenities 


A Playboy luxury Dubai yacht rental of length 90 feet can hold about 50 guests. The yacht features a spacious deck where you can roll over or play. Other premium amenities on this yacht are an ultra-modern Jacuzzi, a BBQ facility and a saloon.


A D3-26 yacht, for example, features a guest capacity of 130 with 8 crew members, 5 rooms, modern toilets, a kitchen, a sunbed area and open area, a saloon, a bathing platform, air-conditioning and the most modern music system.


The D3-21 Gulf Craft yacht accommodates a maximum of 58 guests. They have on board 5 crew members, have 4 rooms with 4 toilets, a kitchen, a sunbed and open areas, a saloon and flybridge, a bathing platform, air-conditioning, a jacuzzi bath, etc.


The 62 feet Abacus yacht has 3 rooms, a kitchen, 2 toilets, a bathing platform, a saloon, a flybridge, air conditioning, BBQ Grill, and a music system. It also allows 22 guests and 2 crew members for support.


The D3-20 luxury yacht allows a guest capacity of 28 and 3 crew members. Additionally, it has 3 rooms, 2 toilets and a kitchen. A BBQ grill, saloon, bathing platform and music system, among others, can also be enjoyed by the guests.


About D3 Yachts


D3 Yachts is a premium ultra yacht charter in Dubai that offers you a wide range of luxury yachts from which you can take your pick. D3 Yachts is a luxury yachts rental in Dubai that can give you value for the money you spend on the yacht rental. With premium services and world-class amenities on their yachts, you can have a dream trip on a yacht that you will always cherish. You can book your luxury yacht rental in Dubai by just going online from wherever you may be. We have many seasonal and running offers that you can enjoy. For more information, log onto our website www. www.d3yachts.com.