Wedding Anniversary in Dubai

A Dinner Cruise Surprise for your Wedding Anniversary


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  • 29-August-2022


Imagine you and your partner alone on a luxury yacht, with no one to bother you except a crew that is always at your service. A serene atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious seafood while passing through breathtaking destinations. A moment where a bouquet of red rose flowers is gifted to your spouse. A romantic evening watching the sunset in the sky filled with bright orange and red hues. Such a magical experience could be made to happen if you book a yacht in Dubai for your wedding anniversary. D3 yachts can provide you with impeccable services so that you wont wait for your anniversary next year to do this again.

Romance in the ambiance of sunset

A moment amidst the sunset, looking into the eyes of your partner. Isn't it too romantic? When you do yacht bookings in Dubai Marina, this is what you can get. The incredible ambiance can make the bond between you and your spouse stronger so that you will just forget that it's your wedding anniversary. The nice sea breeze and a glass of chilled drink are the perfect duo for your dinner cruise yacht charter. You can relive all the memories of your life as a couple and how much you have achieved so far together within the few hours spent here.

Buffet meals that make you warm

You can even arrange a yacht party in Dubai for your wedding anniversary, inviting your friends and relatives as special guests. Your yacht trip is never complete without a buffet meal. As per your demand, you can prebook the menu and we can arrange for you the best dishes. From starters to hot main courses to desserts, everything is arranged on time so that you, your partner, and the guests invited will all have a happy and well-filled stomach. If you do not want us to contribute to your cruise, then you can arrange it on your own or bring it yourself. But it is recommended that you go for our services.

Onboard entertainment for relaxation

You can celebrate your love by enjoying your day to the fullest. Dance, music, talent shows, anything and everything is possible once you hire yachts in Dubai for your wedding anniversary celebration. The intimate atmosphere you create can make your partner relaxed as the yacht passes different scenic locations. Sing out loud and dance together so that you can convey your love to your spouse. If you need it, you can also arrange some live magic shows, dance and music performances by professionals. Play some interesting games onboard to make the trip lively. You can include all the activities that you wish to do on this trip.

wedding anniversary celebration dinner cruise

The romantic ambiance a sunset cruise creates can never be compared. The beautiful view while holding your partner’s hands becomes even more beautiful. If it is for your wedding anniversary, then there’s no other gift you can give your life partner. You can arrange a yacht anniversary party in Dubai for anniversary celebrations, including a BBQ party. You can spend a joyful evening with your friends and relatives, sharing your love stories. If you book D3 yachts for your special day, then all our courteous staff will take care of your entire trip. What remains will be some wonderful memories that you can cherish forever.

A romantic candlelight dinner

A party yacht rental in Dubai may include your friends and relatives onboard. But if you just want you and your partner alone on the yacht, you can book a private charter where you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner. The calm waters and breeze may keep you cool and comfortable throughout the experience.Talk a lot to your partner while soft music plays in the background. Present a flower bouquet and offer your spouse a customised dinner. In the middle of the sea, away from the world, you can enjoy a perfect time together listening to the chirping of birds.

Music system/DJ that makes you move

Fun is enjoying the music and dancing together on the floor. Most yachts booked in Dubai provide services like music systems or DJs on-board. Your wedding celebration party could be a huge hit and everyone who participates could be taken to another level! Your DJ can spin your favourite tunes at your special event. If you need, you can bring visual equipment like a screen and projector so that all your special photos and memories can be shared with your friends too. The sound quality of our systems is beyond best so that you can enjoy every tiny bit of music, and the lyrics also go straight to the heart.

Theme and cake arrangements that you love

You can surprise your spouse with some amazing themes or arrangements that can be done on the yacht. What if one of your most precious photos is printed on the cake? Isn't it wonderful to revisit your memories together? The theme can be anything and everything. You can choose the favourite colour of your partner or the colour of love, which is red, as the theme. Everything from balloons to ribbons to food can be the same or contrasting color. Most party yachts for rent in Dubai offer this facility of arranging the yacht according to themes.

Photo shoots to capture beautiful moments

Photographs are memories. The moment which is captured can never return. So it is essential to record your special moments so that you can take them out to rewind your old memories years after they have happened. D3 yachts can provide you with professional photographers if you mention it during the time of your booking. But if you want to bring a camera and record on your own, then you can also do so. Take snaps of all the places you pass while cruising and remember to capture the beautiful sunset too.

A dinner cruise is the best wedding anniversary option you can have to celebrate the day. Go for party yacht booking in Dubai so that you can get a lot of extra services while on your trip.