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8 Essential Tips for Hosting a Yacht Party in Dubai


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  • 10-November-2022


Special moments never end, and so do celebrations. Most people would love to party on their most beautiful occasions. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding proposal, the trend these days is to host the festivities on a yacht. In fact, a yacht charter in Dubai can offer tremendous opportunities for those who wish to celebrate everything in their life. From Yacht Tour to Dinner Cruise, you can make use of all the facilities of a luxury yacht as per your requirements. So here are some essential tips to consider before you rent a yacht in Dubai to host a yacht party or a yacht birthday party so as to plan everything well.

Choose the perfect yacht that suits your needs.

Premium yacht charter companies in Dubai, like D3 Yachts, have a fleet of yachts that could be used for various purposes, ranging from fishing to corporate charters. One of the major challenges you are going to face is the selection of a yacht that is perfect for your needs. This actually depends on the number of your guests, as the bigger the guest list, the bigger the yacht will be. For example, most fishing yachts for rent in Dubai can accommodate up to 10-12 people. But for a corporate yacht party in Dubai, you may need to accommodate a huge number of people, say 150. The thing is that your yacht should have enough room for the people on it.

Determine the number of hours you need


Whatever your requirements are, whether it is a corporate yacht charter in Dubai or a yacht rental for a birthday party in Dubai, you must also decide how many hours you will spend on the yacht. Most people arrange parties in the evening, but at times, some people start the party in the morning. When you hire yachts in Dubai, you should keep in mind some questions like: how much time on a yacht do I need in order to successfully complete the party? When you party in the marina, make sure that everything you require is onboard. If you need to know about yacht prices, you can contact us.

Start by selecting a good theme

It is better that you have uniformity in everything, right from clothes to decoration to food. So select a theme for your luxury yacht charter in Dubai that is interesting for everyone at the same time. Stick to the theme you have selected and let the guests know about this. Tell them to come in dresses that match your theme, arrange food and drinks related to the theme and decorate the whole yacht with the same. Most party yachts in Dubai come with facilities like a music system, so you have to worry only about your playlist. When you do your yacht booking in Dubai, make sure that you get all the facilities you are looking for. D3 Yachts can assist you with everything, even extra services, once you hire our boats and notify us of your needs.

Arrange the right seating for the party

Although you have done a yacht booking in Dubai for your requirements, one thing you will miss out will be the seating arrangement for the guests. Most luxury yachts for rent in Dubai will have enough space and furniture to accommodate your guests. Despite the fact that you must ensure that all of your guests are comfortable and have access to seating because the party may last a long time. This may not always necessitate the use of chairs, but rather soft seating. We can arrange enough plush cushions or bring in couches for your use.

Serve great food to your guests

When you Book Party Yacht you must make sure that the gourmet is taken care of. It is important that either the food should be arranged on your own or else notify us at the time of booking so that we can arrange food and drinks for your guests. When you go for luxury yachts or ultra-luxury yacht charters, the food menu must match the standards of your party. D3 Yachts can take care of this. Before selecting the menu, you must make sure that no food item should cause allergies to the guests who are allergic to certain foods.

Include music and entertainment


There's no party without music. Even if it's a yacht birthday party in Dubai or a corporate yacht party in Dubai, a music playlist is a must. We provide a music system that you can make use of, or else you could bring your own DJ to enhance your party celebration. You can even make your friends sing out their favorite songs, which will make the entire function exceptional. During your Dubai yacht rental why not add other entertainment activities to your "to do list"? After all, the ultimate aim of any celebration is to relax and unwind. If some water sports are added to your Yacht Rental party itinerary, then it will be the best option.

Go for interesting games that excite you

One of the best ways to keep your guests active and entertained when you book a yacht in Dubai is to include some amazing games and activities in your party. According to the age of the guests, you can plan the activities and games. Some games like treasure hunt, Marco Polo, water balloon toss, board games, puzzles, cards, dumb charades, etc can be incorporated into your list. Some other activities, like magic shows or photography sessions, could also be included in your yacht charter. D3 Yachts is a trusted yacht rental company in Dubai, which you can consult to enquire about yacht hire in Dubai prices.

A yacht ride in the Marina is an unforgettable experience that you should never miss in your life. If you are planning for a party, then you can contact one of our employees and they will get back to you as early as possible. We have a fleet of corporate yachts in Dubai that you can make use of. Hire our yachts in Dubai to get a new level of experience.