Yacht Destination Wedding in Dubai

Great Ideas to Make Your Destination Wedding on a Yacht Most Fulfilling


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  • 18-July-2022


Weddings are special occasions and the joining of two hearts deserves the best celebration ever. The practice of going to a dreamy place and getting married in a theme-based wedding is becoming more and more popular. With destination weddings growing in popularity, yachts have become a favorite option for many to hold a wedding banquet. So, how do you make your destination wedding a more memorable and enjoyable occasion when you are having it on a yacht. If you are looking for ideas to spice up your destination wedding on a yacht, read on.

Planning your destination wedding on a yacht

Why choose a yacht over any other location when you are having a destination wedding? Yachts are luxury symbols and have the best-in-class amenities onboard. If you are having a beach wedding, you will have to do a lot of activities like choosing the perfect spot, getting permits, getting all the chairs and theme-based decor to the spot, and arranging it. You have to make sure that the location is accessible to the guests and pray for sunny weather. A wedding planner may do most of it for you but there are a lot of variables that can ruin your perfect day. 

This is where a yacht can save your day. It can give you the best of all necessities in a single location which is floating near a dazzling shore. A yacht will also allow you to choose the perfect location and time for your wedding party. You can make travel arrangements and accommodation nearer to the spot where you want to have your ceremony and party. You can have a destination wedding on a yacht without worrying much about planning. If you are having your destination wedding in Dubai, you can see that having parties on a yacht is a popular option, especially a corporate yacht party in Dubai is one of the most sought-after yacht rental services in Dubai. Yacht rental agencies in Dubai have the experience and expertise of hosting thousands of yacht parties which will make it easier for you to plan the wedding. Since there are yachts of different capacities and facilities, you can always have the pick of your yacht. So, rent a yacht in Dubai or any other seaside location to plan a great destination wedding. So, how do you make a private yacht in Dubai, your perfect wedding location? We have some tips for you.

Plan a perfect welcome party for guests

A yacht wedding is a dream wedding. You need two souls in love for a wedding and a beautiful yacht to make it happen. But, what's a wedding party without your favorite people to cheer you on? When planning a destination wedding, you might not have too many guests but the ones you have invited will be your closest family and friends. So, you would want them to be happy and enjoy the lovely wedding event. How do you make sure that all your guests are looked after and happy at a wedding? 

All you have to do is throw a welcome party for all the guests so that they can enjoy themselves. Does it seem very difficult to do that? But all you need is a professional crew who are experienced in entertaining people. You do not have to worry at all. If you are going for a yacht charter in Dubai, you can ask the staff to help you throw a welcome party. They will help you throw a dreamy party for your guests with food of your choice,  sweet music that mesmerizes, and a whole lot of fun. Yachts have stunning ambiance, rich settings, and best-in-class service which will add to the wedding's pomp which your guests will surely fall in love with.

Theme-based venue and decor

What's your idea of the perfect wedding? A wedding is a dream day of your life and you should go all out and never settle for something that you don't want. You should get to have the wedding at the best venue with the decor and theme of your choice. When you are choosing a location for a destination wedding, you must have something in your mind about the venue and theme. If you don't have anything in mind, look for the special moments in the past and common interests that you share. 

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to wedding themes. You can go classy and sophisticated or dreamy and fairytale-like. You can also choose rustic, vintage, romantic, or out-of-the-box themes that are fun for everyone. Themes can also involve colors and you can ask the guests to wear a color code to make it bright and elegant. Once you have decided on a theme you can ask your wedding planner to get the decor that matches the theme and turn the yacht into a perfect wedding venue. You can communicate with your yacht agency and they will help you create the venue based on the theme and help you find the best location to have your wedding. For instance, if you book yacht in Dubai for your wedding, you might have several locations like the dazzling city of Dubai Marina in your mind or a more quiet location. Your yacht charter company will help you set up the wedding decor and theme-based arrangements on your wedding yacht charter in Dubai.

Exquisite food and exclusive events

Food and entertainment are two of the most important components of a perfect yacht wedding. You might be in Dubai from a different part of the world for your destination wedding and your choice of food might be entirely different. But party yacht rentals Dubai services provided by Yacht rental agencies like D3 yachts have experienced professional chefs who are well-versed with cuisines around the world. You can select your menu of meals after discussing it with the wedding planner based on your theme or your preferences. The yacht agency can help you get delicious food when you book your yacht charter.  Dubai is a business centre and tourist centre and we have people from around the world here at all times. So, our chefs can cook you food that is your cup of tea for your wedding dinner.

Entertaining your guests is the next thing to plan for your destination wedding. You can have a band play for you or a special show for your guests onboard. If you want to have a dance party,  you can have it on your destination wedding yacht charter in Dubai.

Ensuring and managing guest hospitality

When you are planning a destination wedding, you need to inform the guests at least 4-6 months before the wedding date so that they can prepare and make travel arrangements. Once you have decided on the venue for the wedding and planned the theme, make sure that you communicate that properly. The next thing is making arrangements for their stay and transportation. If you choose a party yacht rental in Dubai with  D3 Yachts, the staff will help you select a venue that is easily accessible but has enough privacy for the wedding. 

The next thing to ensure is that your guests are happy and well entertained. Three things that guarantee your guest's happiness are good food, good service, and entertainment. Yachts have a professional crew who will provide best-in-class service and food. You can plan events or games for the entertainment of your guests on the day of your grand destination wedding on a yacht.

A final note-: Planning perfect proposals onboard

Destination weddings on yachts are dream-like and classy. There are many ways to plan a perfect destination wedding with a perfect yacht agency like D3 yachts. You only need to get the right yacht and the right yacht rental agency. But, what is even more romantic than a destination wedding? Proposing onboard a private yacht in Dubai. Yachts are perfect for romantic getaways and have an elegance and glamour that is unrivaled. The privacy of the yachts will also make you feel like you are the only two people on the face of the earth. An elegant dining experience and exquisite food under a starry night or a lovely sunset will be a romantic moment for that perfect proposal. You can get a private yacht charter and discuss the arrangements and settings you need like cakes or bouquets with the staff. So, you can have the best moments on a yacht by proposing to your love and celebrating them with your favorite people at a destination wedding on a yacht.