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  • 27-April-2023


Dubai is an attractive and enjoyable city and almost every aspect of its surroundings, including the seas, is a major attraction. This stunning city which has a vast expanse of the Persian Gulf as its border is home to some of the world’s best yachts.

The Dubai Coastline, Dubai Creek, and Dubai Marina are major water bodies in Dubai and the city has many fleets of luxurious yachts. Whether you are planning personal charter or group sightseeing or corporate team outing tours, yachts booking in Dubai is easy. Discovering Dubai via corporate yachts in Dubai can be most beneficial for team outings and gaining new perspectives. These are some sights that you should not miss when opting for a yacht charter in Dubai for your corporate team.

You can choose any convenient time slot when you book private yachts for hire in Dubai. You can savour meals on board according to the time of the day. A private yacht will offer you lots of comfort and state-of-the-art facilities, but you can also choose a shared cruise from Dubai Marina, which would be an affordable alternative.

Amenities available

When you are ready to do your yachts booking in Dubai Marina, these are some amenities that you can check out. Some of the luxury yachts have a swimming pool and a lounge where your team members can chill out. Some of the deluxe yachts for hire in Dubai also feature Jacuzzis. This ensures a good entertainment quotient for your team members. There are butlers available for your service and you can opt for an international buffet menu and live cooking stations for entertaining your corporate team members. 

Some luxury yachts have spacious upper desks and some washrooms on the lower deck. Some of them even sport cabins in which the team members can grab a snooze. Some luxury yacht rentals in Dubai may serve fresh breakfast when it is a complete day trip. The evenings are equipped with live BBQ, teamed up with live DJ entertainment in some yachts. 

Corporate Yachts Party Dubai and Sights you can see

Private yacht charters in Dubai that you may hire for a team event take you around on the waters to see the best parts of Dubai. Some of the sights that you and your team members can see include:

  • Burj Al Arab, the 280-m tall hotel

  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence

  • Zabeel Saray

  • The Atlantis Hotel

  • The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

  • The Royal Amwaj and Rixos

  • Westin 

  • Most of Dubai’s magnificent skyline

  • Blue Water Islands and the Palm Islands

If your yacht is cruising along the Marasi Canal, you will most likely see the Dubai Business Bay District, Cheese Building, Burj Khalifa, etc., among others. You and your team members will be able to click some memorable photographs with these monuments as backdrops that you can cherish throughout your lives.

Private Yacht Charter in Dubai - Team Activities


When you book a yacht for rent in Dubai Marina for your corporate team, there are several activities that you can organise. Dubai yacht rentals allow many activities while you are on a sail. 

Corporate yacht rentals in Dubai allow your team members to chill on the deck and also do some stargazing in the evening skies. You can discuss constellations with your team members. You can even organise a star-naming contest to see who is astronomically well-informed. 

You can organise a deck dance party for your yacht party in Dubai, you can request a live DJ, have a sing-along Karaoke session, and play music aloud. You can award your teammates for the best dance moves.

Depending on the size of the yacht in Dubai that you have hired, you can organise an onboard treasure hunt for your team members. It could be simple or complicated as per your wish. 

Board games and card games

Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and caroms can be arranged. Your team members can take part in competitions. You can also organise card games and contests. Blackjack, Rummy, Solitaire, etc. are some card games that can be enjoyed. 


You can organise an enjoyable outdoor activity like fishing. Group fishing is fun. It also teaches your team members some patience and calmness. The sport can be organised as a contest.


You can get your team members to indulge in group cooking and even spot the chef from within your group by organising a group cooking contest. 

Other group activities that you can organise when you hire a party yacht from Dubai Marina are banana boat rides, flyboarding, jet skiing, using inflatable water slides for some fun, etc. For these, you will have to include these as facilities required when you rent a yacht in Dubai

About D3 Yachts

D3 Yachts is a premier luxury yacht rental in Dubai Marina. They provide internationally rated services and you can choose the amenities that you want for your corporate team outing when you do your yacht booking in Dubai Marina. You can even book your yacht by going online. They have a wide range of different yachts that you can choose from for your team outing. They also offer many running promotions that could get you good discounts. For more information log onto www.d3yachts.com.