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Throw a Corporate Yacht Party by Add watersport to your Trip


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  • 15-February-2023


Planning a party is not an easy task. The stakes are higher when you have decided to throw a yacht party. This party could be part of team building events in Dubai or just an office celebration. If you are throwing this kind of party for the first time, it may confuse you as to where you have to kick-start the process. 

In this blog post, we attempt to provide some tips for throwing an unforgettable corporate yacht party that your business friends will not forget.

#1: The first step is to finalize the guest list. This would help you in many ways. First, you can decide what size of yacht you would need. Then you can approach a company that offers private yachts charter in Dubai. You can also have an idea about the amount of food that you have to provide and inform the company that offers yacht rental in Dubai

#2: By finalizing the guest list early enough, you would get an idea of the likely expenditure. You can get an idea of whether the expenses are going to stick to your budget. If not, you can make the necessary changes now. Otherwise, your expenditure may overrun your budget. 

#3: The next step is to send the invitation to each of the guests that you have put on your list. For a corporate yacht party in Dubai, you may have to send a personal email to each of your guests followed by a personal call to each of the invitees. Also, attach the RSVP option so that you know who is going to come in person to your party yacht in Dubai

#4: The next step is to hire a suitable yacht from a yacht rental in Dubai Marina. Because it is a corporate gathering party and your business friends and colleagues are likely to be present, you should choose one in a size that is sufficient to accommodate your guests. Corporate yacht rentals in Dubai are available easily in the Dubai Marina and you can take your pick according to the size of your guest list. 

You have to choose and book early in the season as corporate yachts in Dubai will be much in demand during the season/holiday times. There would be a long waiting list for private yachts on hire in Dubai

#5: The next major step you will need to organise  at this stage is the entertainment list that you will be providing to your guests. While doing the yachts booking in Dubai Marina, it is important to find out if there are entertainment packages that are available or inclusions if any for a yacht party cruise hiring in Dubai. If so you need to only arrange for the rest that you have in mind. 

You can make the corporate party on the yacht exciting if you add in some water sports items like fly-boarding or jet skiing on the yacht trip during the daytime. This would catch all your guests’ excitement. You can choose a DJ to entertain the guests in the evening. Choose the genre of the music depending on the type of guests attending your yacht party. Include songs that are popular and suit people of any age. Hiring a DJ brings the music to life and you also make the whole party more interactive. 

#6: You have to pay great attention when arranging the food for your guests. Depending on whether they are going to spend only an evening or the party spans the entire day, you may have to arrange for a buffet, a brunch and a formal dinner. 

Dining on the boat may be quite different from dining on land. Some careful planning will help you serve items that will make the experience one worth remembering. You can choose a yacht rental in Dubai with dinner. They would have the menus ready from which you just need to select the items. Most luxury yacht rentals in Dubai hire celebrated chefs who will cook the most exotic dishes for the guests. You can choose from a formal sit-down dinner to a luncheon, a cocktail or a buffet. 

#7: Taking care of your guests is important. Some of the most important points to be kept in mind are:

  • Take care of the dietary needs of your guests

  • Have emergency numbers ready for medical assistance or tackling mechanical issues

  • Have soft seating if the guests are going to be on board for a few hours; ensure that you discuss this with the boat rental in Dubai before you pick up the yacht for the luxury cruise.  

  • Keep the guests occupied with games and activities

  • Ensure that your guests are comfortable throughout the party duration

  • Pick up a boat from a Dubai yacht rental that is big enough to accommodate the guest list

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