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A Corporate Yacht Getaway with an Inflatable Water Pool for Team Building


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  • 31-May-2023


Team building is essential for holding the group together, engaging them, and increasing their productivity. This is why many companies arrange timely corporate meetups in Dubai. These are occasions where the team’s strengths and weaknesses are to be assessed for better improvement. Organizing different and unique group activities helps bond the team together while also providing entertainment and knowledge about each other. Include an outdoor inflatable water pool for your corporate gathering party to make it an extravaganza. You can choose a yacht with a jacuzzi for rent from D3 Yachts Dubai and make your trip with colleagues a memorable one. 

Appraisal or recognition meet-up  

When it's appraisal season, you may get a considerable appraisal, or one of you may win the best employee of the company award. Then this occasion is definitely one to celebrate. Think about arranging a
corporate yacht party in Dubai so that the whole team can come together and celebrate happiness. D3 Yachts assists you in organising various corporate events on luxury yachts that you choose for your needs. In fact, a luxury cruise with your colleagues is not a bad idea to implement. You can also book a yacht in Dubai for several other corporate events such as an annual corporate meeting, event award ceremonies, monthly training sessions, various anniversaries, client loyalty programmes, employee retention events, corporate lunches, executive retreats, colleague birthday celebrations, company anniversary celebrations, product launches, holiday parties, or even a gala dinner.

Water activities like Inflatable water pool

Including watersports, especially an inflatable water pool, during your corporate yacht rentals in Dubai could be a good option. Almost all luxury yacht rentals in Dubai will provide you with water toys like inflatable swimming pools, inflatable water slides, or even equipment like jet skis, water skis, etc. When you book corporate yachts in Dubai, make sure that you include an inflatable pool for your feel-good adventures. These team-building activities that you do on a yacht together will definitely reflect on yourselves and strengthen the bond between all of you. Because being on the water is one of the most useful ways to have fun with a team.

Inspiring and motivational speaking 

For your corporate party in Dubai, you may be planning some activities like inspiring and motivational speaking that will take your team to the next level. This can either be done by arranging a motivational speaker, or the teammates could discuss with each other their stories, their journeys of success and failure in their careers, etc. This would, in fact, help in understanding each other and the struggles and strengths of each individual in the team. Your luxury yacht charter in Dubai can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You could also get a yacht rental in Dubai with dinner so that you don't have to waste time arranging food for your party or event.

DJ Party arrangements

When you are planning your corporate events on a luxury yacht, remember a DJ music party. Create the perfect ambience by playing the tracks you always love to hear. Dance solo as well as in groups, transforming every bit of your energy into fun. When you book a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina, the crew will provide you with a music system. If you require a live DJ party, then you have to notify the service provider earlier so that the necessary arrangements can be made on time. As one of the best yacht charter companies in Dubai, we make sure that everything goes well.

Sightseeing In Dubai

Your yacht booking at Dubai Marina for your corporate party can be made wonderful if you can include a sightseeing tour. In this city, there's a lot for you to explore, especially if you are on a yacht. In between your Dubai yacht party, try to take photographs of famous landmarks like Burj al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Atlantis The Palm, and Ain Dubai, and the fascinating view of the Dubai skyline. D3 Yachts provides luxurious yachts for events in Dubai, and you can choose a sightseeing yacht that is apt for your needs from us.

Dinner Cruise In Dubai

Dinner is an important part of any function that matters. When you hire a yacht party at Dubai Marina, you must keep in mind the food and beverages that are going to be served. You can either arrange it yourself, or we can do it for you. The menu and the foods that are avoided must be notified at the time of yacht booking in Dubai. This is to make sure that food that might cause allergies in the guests is not served onboard during the party.

Your corporate meetup is something that should be unique and stylish. To make it extravagant, it is always better to go for some luxury yacht rental in Dubai. Team building must be focused on, and for that, there must be a lot of activities to help each other understand each other. An outdoor inflatable water pool could be a good option for your corporate yacht rental in Dubai. We have one of the best yacht charters in Dubai, and you can contact us if you are thinking about a corporate getaway.