How to Plan a Perfect Corporate Yacht Event in Dubai


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  • 22-March-2024


Organise your corporate events on a private premium yacht in Dubai Marina that screams luxury and sophistication. A private yacht has recently caught the attention of men looking to do business, whether it be a meeting, a success party, or a celebration of some achievement in the corporate world. A yacht in Dubai provides the perfect ice-breaking space where the new employees in the team can get acquainted with others. The casual and fun-filled setting of a yacht, along with the alluring sights of Dubai’s coastline, is sure to add splendour to your corporate event. Take care of the few below-given factors too, and your corporate yacht event in Dubai is going to be unparalleled.

Choosing the perfect yacht and venue

When it comes to organising a corporate event on a yacht in Dubai, choosing the right yacht is of the utmost importance. The primary factor that is to be kept in mind while choosing the yacht is the purpose and requirements of your corporate yacht event in Dubai. The first thing to do is to make a list of all the people who are going to be attending the event. Having a finalised number of guests will ease your yacht selection process. Choose a yacht that can easily accommodate all your guests. The next step is to check if the yacht you're planning to book matches all your requirements, like a lounge area, a jacuzzi, or onboard swimming pools. Check with the yacht rental business in Dubai Marina to know which yacht from their fleet will be the best match for your event. Once you finalise, book your yacht as early as possible. Booking earlier will give you a higher chance of getting the desired yacht. Peak seasons might witness higher bookings and demands for yachts. It is therefore important to book your yacht cruise as early as possible. Once you book your yacht, you can proceed to plan and discuss other crucial things, like themes and cuisine, for your corporate yacht event in Dubai Marina. The yacht rental business can help you choose the perfect venue depending on your corporate event.

Organisation and management of a corporate yacht event in Dubai

You can either organise the whole corporate yacht event in Dubai all by yourself or delegate this task. If the yacht party you're organising requires a lot of things to be taken care of, is a big event with a larger number of guests, or requires your attention to the key programme during the whole event, it's better to delegate the organisational and management activities to an event organiser. You can ask the yacht rental company if they already have a team to organise such events.

Organising menu and dining services for your corporate yacht event in Dubai

Food plays a great role in elevating the overall experience of your guests. Serving great food is a surefire way of making the corporate yacht event memorable. You can ask the chef onboard to prepare fine delicacies of your choice and serve them hot to your guests. If you have separate requests for some of the guests, you can communicate this as well. Making these communications earlier on will increase your chance of getting them delivered properly and give the chef enough time to make the necessary preparations. If you're planning something so grand that you need an event planner to prepare and serve the food, you can make the necessary arrangements. It's always better to ask the yacht rental first and then think of outsourcing since yacht rentals will have better deals for you or help you arrange the unique menu requirements you have.

A fun time onboard your corporate yacht event in Dubai

Ease up the mood of your corporate yacht event or party with some fun-filled entertainment activities on board. You can choose these entertainment activities depending on the time of day and the event you are planning to host. You can choose a DJ or live music so that the guests can get on the dance floor and relax a bit. You can also plan some fun games or water sports activities in Dubai so that all the guests can experience some team-building activities that’s enjoyable.

Customised themes and branding for your corporate yacht event in Dubai

Make your corporate yacht event stand out. A customised theme can add a professional and unique touch to your corporate yacht event in Dubai. Branding can be involved in the colour themes and ambience set for your yacht corporate event as well. The theme and branding elements can elevate not only the ambience but would look great in the photographs as well. Branding elements incorporated properly can improve brand visibility and interactions through social media and other online platforms as the images get shared.

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