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Ideas for a Yacht Birthday Party for Kids in Dubai


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  • Birthday Party
  • 25-May-2022


An adult is defined by what he or she experienced during his or her childhood. So, creating positive memories for every child rather than a personal affair is a social responsibility. And birthday parties could really contribute to this factor as they create shared memories and bonds for life. Creating memories from a celebration is very important for children as they create memories in an unconscious way, like sensations, smells, and music. So celebrate your child’s birthday in Dubai on a yacht with party decorations, themes, games, food, and cake. Because small, personal gatherings can have great impacts on your child’s life, too.

 Here are some great ideas you can try once you book a yacht in Dubai for birthdays.

           ● Select a theme

Choose a theme that your kid will love from a million different yacht decoration themes. A perfect party theme can make the event beautiful. If you are going for a pirate theme, then you can decorate your yacht with accessories in various colors and styles, including balloons, flags, streamers, pennants, etc. Even the cake can be based on the theme you've chosen. Or if you want to host a party with a gothic theme, then Halloween is a good option. Cut out pumpkins, Halloween motifs, plenty of dark candles, and some scary costumes for the guests could work wonders.

● Prefer a healthy menu

This is the most difficult part of arranging a party. When food is not up to the mark, then everything gets spoiled. Be it a simple snooze party or an elaborate dinner or lunch party, choosing the right menu is very important. Since it is your kid's special day and other kids are also attending, make sure that no food contains allergies. Discuss this issue with the parents. Plan your menu accordingly. Moreover, go for healthy foods. Using lots of vegetables and fruits in the main course will be good. Prepare a separate menu for vegetarian children. Crab dip or lobster bisque, mac and cheese, grilled chicken, chocolate cake, or strawberry shortcake are some of the items you could include.

● Enjoy some games

You can be creative to make your party more fun. Include some fun games like treasure hunting in your yacht's birthday celebration. You can hide some basic items such as sunglasses, toys, or pens. Write some clues in chits that lead to the treasure and hide them in various places. The winner can be awarded something like a voucher or a bag. Since children are participating in the games, make sure that every child is given a gift for participation. Games like "I Spy", a game of shipwreck, cards, pirate auctions, and cake decorating are other good options. In "I Spy", a player starts by picking an object that everyone can see and giving the first letter of the object as a clue. For example, if the player chooses a bag, then he/she should say, "I spy with my little eye something beginning with B." Players take turns calling out guesses until someone gets the right answer. The first person to guess correctly gets the next turn to choose an object.


● Do Face painting

It would be great if you could include some face painting. Face painting is an art that seems to get popular at parties nowadays. Fill each kid’s face with some beautiful designs. You can have your face painted like wild animals, flowers, or butterflies, your favorite sports team logo, country flag, or even bizarre designs. Get your face painted according to your wishes by a professional. These simple activities could keep the children entertained. If you wish you could paint the designs that match the whole birthday theme. Face Painting is done with skin-friendly cosmetic paints but make sure that no kids have allergies to such items.

● Include a Magic show

Birthday parties do have a magic of their own. But it would be wonderful if you could add a pinch of the magic show, too. Planning a live magic show would be the best part of your kid's big day. A magic show is a complete package for the kids and other guests attending a yacht birthday celebration. A great magician will never fail to make you laugh. Watch each child’s expression and take a snap of it. The wonder in their eyes and the smile on their lips are worth watching. Surely, in the 30-45 minutes you spend watching the show you will be astonished to see some inventive tricks. One thing is for sure audiences of all ages will scream out ‘Abracadabra’.

● Watch Fireworks

If you want to think big, then think about fireworks. Even though it was a customary ingredient to various celebrations, now it has become a trend for birthday occasions. When you host a luxury yacht birthday party, fireworks can be a great option. These could be a great experience for the younger generation as well as the older generation. Your guests will never forget your kid's birthday if you include fireworks in your celebration. An array of colorful and mesmerizing fireworks displayed could evoke many emotions on the face of each guest. Be ready to create a special moment for your guests so that they can experience a spectacular night.

● Add a mascot

Kids love mascots. The huge funny characters that are seen only in cartoons when it comes to real life could create a magical birthday party. Choose characters based on your kid's preferences. When mascot characters are included as part of the celebration kids will have tremendous fun. Hire some professional mascot entertainers to make your child’s birthday event wonderful. If some extra performances such as juggling, music, and puppet shows are added, the better. Mascot characters will help the kids mingle and find their world.


If you are planning yacht rentals for birthdays you can consult D3yachts without a second thought. Allow your kids to have their wishes fulfilled as it is their day. Take some amazing photos of friends and family recording every moment that cannot be remade.