Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

What About Some Deep Sea Fishing with Friends?


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  • 20-September-2022


The deep blue waters of Dubai Marina are perfect for you to do some crazy fishing. You can try your luck with your friends and colleagues and let us see if you can acquire expertise in deep sea fishing. Using some brilliant techniques and the right equipment, you can also catch fish on your own and become a hero in front of your friends. Our fishing yachts in Dubai do not require you to be a seasoned angler. All it needs is a mind willing to explore fishing as a serious hobby.

Fishing as a hobby

Fishing is a hobby as well as an exercise that can keep your mind and body fit. It increases your concentration, instilling sportsmanship every time you fail. You try and try again until you win, which gives you ultimate pleasure. The deep sea fishing trip in Dubai is a must-try for all adventurous travellers. You will get to know more about baits, fish, and the different techniques used by fishermen to catch fish. You may not succeed in the first attempt, but as time passes, you learn about the methods and the captivity becomes more and more interesting, especially when there is healthy competition among the friends and colleagues.

The bond between friends

When you hire yachts in Dubai for fishing, you are actually getting ready to spend some quality time with your friends. You might not initially realise how important fishing can become in your life as it strengthens the bonds between relationships. Deep sea fishing is a great way to socialise and understand your colleagues better. You will be surprised to realise that many of you have the same wavelength and interests. Fishing is one of the best ways to interact with colleagues than a corporate yacht party in Dubai. It can be considered a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. So never miss it.

Enhance your new fishing skills 

Fishing yachts for rent in Dubai will make you understand that fishing is not a child’s play. It requires time, techniques, patience, and perseverance. Your skills are improved once you make the decision to fish. A high level of concentration and body strength to pull out the fish is required. You will understand that every fish struggles for their life once they get hooked. You also learn to handle the equipment in the correct way. Live baiting, jigging, and popping can also be learned. Your catch is definitely seasonal as not all fish are available year round. But one thing is certain: you will encounter seasonal fish and will be able to catch atleast one of them.

Entertainment for groups

Your fishing boat charter in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to enjoy as a group. Even if you are an amateur or an experienced angler, this fishing excursion can create a feeling of adventure. You feel like gatherings and reunions are fun as this group activity will entertain the whole group. When fishing is done with family members, friends, and colleagues, the team builds a strong bond, encourages and helps each other. If you are looking for something fun to do on this vacation, then you must go fishing with a group. When all the individuals are brought together as a group, the fun will be unending.

Experience marine life  

Even from Jacuzzi yachts in Dubai, you can do fishing activities. But it is always recommended that you do it on a fishing yacht. Let your deep sea fishing trip be a journey where you can explore marine life. You will learn about the variety of marine creatures and how they respond to protecting their lives. Your fishing adventure can be exciting once you catch a fish after waiting for a long time. With plenty of catching, your day can be made. If you need help, our crew can do a rod and reel demonstration for a quick start.

Real life experience

Book a yacht in Dubai to have a real-life experience of fishing. Once you get the equipment ready, you can now locate the fish to catch. Refer to a seasonal fishing calendar that is provided by the crew so that you will have an idea of the type of fish you are going to catch that season. At D3 Yachts, we have a list of fishing boats that can accommodate a sufficient number of passengers. You can contact us to choose the right yacht for your fishing trip. At the end of the trip, we want you to carry a lot of good real-life memories with you back home.

Relaxation from a busy schedule

If you are so fed up with your busy life and thinking about a break, then you should make yacht bookings in Dubai marina. You don't even have to plan from your side. With a hat and sunglasses on, get ready to begin a hunt. Catch fish and take lots of photos that could be uploaded on your social media. Your catch may vary according to the water temperature. But at the end of the day, you get to fry your fish and eat it with a warm heart. Apparently, fishing will make you strong. You can realise that something might have changed in you and you have become a much better person.

Cook for yourself.

Yacht charter in Dubai is complete once you get to eat your catch. Isn't it wonderful that you can barbecue your catch and share it with your friends or colleagues? Cooking is optional, but we recommend you do it. The on-board BBQ is always ready to grill your delicious catch. Have a taste of your own catch because it will be a special memory of your life. This adventurous outing will be a milestone in your life. Either you can bring your own spices and kitchen equipment or you can avail our services.

Hear the Captain and crew’s marine stories.

When you hire yachts in Dubai, you will get a good captain and crew along. They are experienced and have a vast knowledge of the sea and marine life. They can share their knowledge with you, and you can make use of it for the trip. Listen to the stories they are saying as they are life lessons derived from their experiences. Ask them your questions, and they will gladly share their knowledge.They will also teach you some rare techniques that can be used while fishing. Their guidance could be of great advantage to you.

D3 Yachts has a list of yachts that could be used for different purposes. If you are planning a birthday yacht party in Dubai, then you can book our luxury yacht D3-26. If exclusive fishing is on your bucket list, then contact us to find out about the fishing yachts we are providing.