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Team Outing Activities that You Must try in Dubai


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  • 13-May-2022


Have you ever wished to be surrounded by calm blue waters? The fresh air, cool breeze, and the calmness that surrounds you, everything will arouse the “happy hormones” in you once you are in the Dubai waters.  You can enjoy a peaceful holiday or spend some quality time with your teammates or friends inside a yacht away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yachting is a  peaceful and quiet sport when compared to other activities where your privacy is valued. It mentally refreshes you and makes you fit for the next day.

If you wonder what are some fun things to do on a yacht, here is a list of indoor and outdoor activities that could be carried out while on the sail.


  • Night skywatch on deck

Just move to the deck from your cabin. Along with your colleagues, you can feel the beauty of the Dubai Night Sky. Sleep under the stars and discuss constellations among your peers. Camping with some snacks, flashlights, and games could be a great way to strengthen your bonding.

  • Deck Dance Party

Be the best dancers on board! Sing, dance, and cheer with your teammates or friends. Show them the best dance moves that you have hidden so far. Play music aloud, sing-along, and forget yourself.

  • Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt seems a bit childish, but believe us, they could make your memories valuable. It can be considered one of the best boating activities. A  treasure hunt could be arranged on the basis of the size of your vessel. You can go for a simple hunt. If you want it to be a complicated one, it would be more amazing.

  • Group Sunbathing

Feel the waves and enjoy the warm weather by tanning on a lounge chair. Or if you like a change you can also grab a float and tan out on the water, Or else you could just simply lay out on the yacht. Whatever it may be do it with your group. Enjoy the fun of tanning under the sun with your peers. And a final piece of advice, forget not to put on your sunscreen.

  • Board Games

Yachting is more fun when you enjoy time with your friends or office teammates. Bring some fun board games with you. Try out some cute games like  Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and Go Fish. If you want some mature and challenging games then Scrabble, The Game of Life, and Monopoly are good options.

  • Card Games

Carry a pack of cards with you so that you could enjoy a great time on the yacht with your friends or teammates. Cards are a fun sport and carried everywhere you go. Remember, it can be played in a number of different ways. Try out all ways and enjoy your vacation time.  Some card games you can try out are our Blackjack, Knockout Whist, Poker, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Rummy, Solitaire, Spades, and Casino. Even you can play a card game like UNO.

  • Cooking

Cooking is a must-do activity while on a yacht. We provide essential equipment for you. It will be a unique experience that you might have never experienced before. Make some simple items and share them with your colleagues.


  • Fishing

Fishing Activities in Dubai are so much fun. Fishing can be quite a fun sport when enjoyed with peers. All you have to do is find a nice spot to anchor and cast out your bait. Enjoy the rhythm of fishing. This sport is so relaxing and energizing. It imparts patience, dedication, and perseverance in your mind. Compete with your friends, count the number of fish collected, and wait for the final announcement of the winner. Your one day’s hard work is over and now you can cook them to enjoy.

  • Jetski

Jetski is one of the favorite Water sports activities in Dubai. You get a unique feeling of riding a bike on the water. An advantage of doing this activity is that you develop your balance and coordination skills. Jet skiing is great for your leg muscles too. Out of all other watersports speed-lovers pick out this sport as their first priority. Do it with your friends or your colleagues to make it interesting.

  • Fly Board

Dubai is one of the most demanding destinations for adventure water sports. Fly board when compared to other water sports, is a little more daring. Yes, this sport is for die-hard thrill-seekers. With unique hydro-flight equipment, you can fly over the waves and experience true nature. Challenge and do it with your friends. It would be fun.

  • Banana boat ride

The banana boat ride stands out in the Water boat activities list. Rather than a sport, it is considered an activity. It is one of the most fun-loving rides in Dubai. It got its name from its shape which is of banana. Invite your friends to participate in this fun-filled activity. If you go for it, along with the little water dip, you could have a great time with your friends.

  • Inflatable Water slide

Inflatable water slides can provide an incredible experience to their users. Even though it is not on the list of adventure water activities, it is quite an interesting activity. These slides hang off the decks of our fine yachts for you to dive into the deep waters. These water slides are suitable for adults too. It would be both easy and fun to go in the water with your friends.

  • Inflatable pool

Inflatable Sea Pools are mainly used to add luxury and convenience for the guests. It is most helpful in situations where less experienced swimmers are protected from floating away in the current. Since it provides an enclosed area Inflatable Sea Pools are safe for all.

Giving yourself a vacation is important for you. In your busy schedule spend some time exclusively for yourself. You can charter our luxurious yachts and enjoy your time with your teammates here in Dubai.