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Set Float in the Inflatable Pool with Family: Activities for Adults and Children


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  • 21-July-2022


A pool day is a fun day and a pool party is a fun party. Everyone loves to be enjoying a pool while on a vacation. What if you could have a pool in your yacht charter? Wouldn't that be great? That's why we have inflatable pools. Now when you rent a yacht in Dubai for that ideal family vacation, you can float in the inflatable pool with your family. 

So what are inflatable pools and how do you make your yacht charter exciting with an inflatable water pool?

Inflatable pools add safety to your fun and when you are with family, it makes sure that you enjoy yourself without worrying. You can leave the kids to have fun on their own and adults can also join in if they want. In a place like Dubai, you can enjoy water sports in Dubai Marina, but by playing with your family in inflatable water pools, Dubai can be much more fun and interesting. To find out more, read on.

Yacht charters in Dubai can be much more than a relaxing cruise, with spectacular views and delicious food for your family. You can make use of the inflatable water pools on the yachts to play with your kids. If you are a group of adults, there are a lot of games that you can play too. So, here are some games to plan for your next yacht charter in Dubai.

Fun games for kids to play in inflatable water pools

You can swim as much as you want and enjoy the sun in the inflatable pools but games add more fun to it. Let's look at some classic games that you can help your kids play.

  1. Marco Polo

This is a game of nostalgia for many adults. Most people have played this timeless game many times over as they grew up and maybe many versions of it. Named after a great explorer, this game is easy to play in an inflatable pool when you have a small group of children. Ideally, 3-4 kids would be perfect for a game of Marco Polo. The game is so simple and interesting and is perfect for your yacht charter in Dubai.

How to play Marco Polo?

  • One of the kids should be selected as 'It' and will stand at one end of the pool.

  • All the other children will be at the other end.

  • The 'It' will count from 1 to 10 and shout  "Marco".

  • The others will shout "Polo" and the 'It'' has to go and capture the other children listening to the sounds till they tag the next person as 'It'.

  • Every time the 'It' shouts "Marco", others have to shout "Polo" in response.

  • When the 'It' finds another player, they shout out "Fish is out of the water".

This is a fun game and can be played as long as the kids tire out. Children love to play Marco Polo in the inflatable water pool in Dubai and if you feel nostalgic, join in.

  1. Raft battle 

Next time you rent a yacht in Dubai for your family outing, make sure your kids don't miss out on raft battles. Raft battles are perfect pool games for children who love to play in the water. This game also has different versions and for your kids, you can let them play a simple version in the inflatable water pool.

How to play raft battles?

  • All the players will be sitting on inflatable rafts in the pool at the beginning.

  • They have to try to push the other players into the water. 

  • The last one who remains to sit on the raft is the winner. You can use squirt guns or inflatable raft battle oars to push the other players down.

Although this game is meant for kids, there are adult versions for raft battles. If you want to be a kid again, try out raft battles with your friends and family when you rent a yacht in Dubai next time.

  1. Numbers Crunch 

Numbers crunch is a game with a lot of activities and entertainment. 

How to play numbers crunch?

  • You will have ping pong balls with different numbers written on them.

  • Children will be divided into two teams and will be given a basket.

  • The balls will be thrown into the pool and each team has to collect as many balls as they can.

  • The team with the highest points, which is the total of the numbers on the balls, wins.

You can also play a scavenger hunt which is very similar to the numbers crunch. In the scavenger race, you throw sticks or coins into the pool and the person who collects the most and brings the most wins.

  1.  Shark and the Minnow

This is another game that involves tagging. It doesn't require any other props for you to play.

How to play Shark and the Minnow?

  • One of the kids is selected as the shark. 

  • All the other kids are minnows and stand on the side.

  • They have to jump in one by one and swim to the other side without being touched by the shark.

  • The shark will try to touch the minnows.

There are other versions of Shark and Minnow in which you have to swim past a person to reach the other side. These games are easy to play and your kids will love them. So, remember all of them when you are doing yacht booking in Dubai.

Fun games for adults to play in inflatable water pools

Life is fun when you are playing games with your friends and family. To enjoy a fun vacation, you can go for adventurous water sports in Dubai Marina and also go for fun games in an inflatable water pool in Dubai.

Here are some games to add fun to your life on the yacht.

  1. Beach ball volleyball 

Beach ball volleyball is one of the interesting ball games that you can play in an inflatable water pool. 

How to play beach ball volleyball?

  • Tie a net across the middle of the pool and divide into two teams.

  • Keep passing the beach ball without dropping to the other side.

  • When one team drops the ball, the other team gets the point.

  • The team who has the highest point after the time set is over wins the game.

There are many ball games like water basketball and tennis that you can play in the inflatable water pools in Dubai. Research some ball games that you can play in the water and play them with your friends and family.

  1. Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic team game that can be played anywhere and is a game of teamwork.

How to play tug of war?

  • You need a rope and a ribbon tied in the middle.

  • Divide into two teams and each team has to try to pull the rope to their side.

  • The ribbon will be positioned above the middle of the pool.

  • The team which manages to pull the ribbon and the rope to their side wins.

Play a game of tug of war that tests your strength and teamwork on the inflatable water pool in Dubai on your yacht charter.

  1. Greased watermelon

This is a team game that helps you raise team spirit and requires energy and teamwork. This game is like rugby but with a twist.

How to play greased watermelon?

  • You need a watermelon that is greased with petroleum jelly.

  • This watermelon is thrown into the pool.

  • The players will be divided into two teams.

  • Teams will try to get the watermelon and get it to the basket first.

  • Players will pass the watermelon to their teammates and try to prevent the other team from getting it.

The slippery watermelon and the difficulty in passing it with all the splashing will make the game fun and memorable for sure. When you do yacht booking in Dubai, be ready for some slippery watermelon pass game

When you do yachts booking Dubai and are planning a vacation with your family or even a simple fun day out with the kids, look for yacht service agencies that offer inflatable water pools like D3 yachts. You can also ask for more details and prepare accordingly. Have a fun day playing in the inflatable water pools and enjoy the exquisite food. A day spent playing in a pool is a well-spent day. On your next yacht charter in Dubai with D3 Yachts, spend quality time with your family in the inflatable pool while playing tonnes of games and having fun.