What makes a valentine's day
yacht party in 2024 important to you?

To celebrate valentine's day, host a yacht party. Here is why.

When Cupid is calling you for a love celebration, what else can you do other than spend a romantic evening with your beloved? Your Valentine's Day celebration in Dubai can be made wonderful if you plan for a romantic date on a yacht. When love is in the air confess your love to the most favourite person of yours. Never settle for less as long as D3 Yachts can serve you with amazing onboard services.


The best season to unleash your love!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic luxury yacht that you rent from us. We have many surprising packages arranged exclusively for you and your partner. If you are planning a friends' meetup where the lovey-dovey couples could propose, then we also have ideas to make your trip beautiful. Couple recreational activities, candlelight dinner, dancing, and spectacular views make your Valentine's Day on our yacht in Dubai the most romantic day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Check out our activities that can be included for your Valentine's Day celebration on our yacht.

  • Couple sightseeing on a yacht

    Your luxurious Valentine's Day on a yacht could be made fantastic if you could visit the incredible sights of Dubai. Hold your partner's hand and click a lot of selfies with these landmarks as backgrounds. Once the cruise is over, Valentine's Day 2024 will become one of your dearest memories.

  • Valentine's Day party for your love

    You may be a husband who wants to celebrate a luxurious Valentine's Day on a yacht, or you may be that best friend who is arranging a romantic Valentine's Day date on a yacht for your friends, or else you may be a family member who is keen on giving a yacht trip as a present for the newlywed couple in your family. Whoever you are, arrange a Valentine's Day party in Dubai for them. And you already know that D3 Yachts Dubai never ceases to amaze you with their Valentine's Day sail on a yacht.

  • Couple jet ski ride

    If you are a couple, then we have a lot of Valentine’s Day couple activities tailored for you. What about a couple's jet ski ride through the cool waters of the Dubai Sea? As we have watersports rentals, this can also be a fun activity that can be incorporated into your couple's yacht party itinerary.

Soulmate surprising decors

When you love your soulmate to the fullest, you never disappoint them. You must express your love in any way possible and show them how much you care about them. Surprising decorations can surely convey your deepest feelings for them. So make tiny efforts to show them that he or she is your only special one and you love them so much.

When celebrating Valentine's Day on a yacht, it is always good to include flowers. Only then can an ordinary event become extraordinary. By decorating with flowers, you can add colour, scent, and style to the space.

Those little lights could actually produce a great feeling. During your Dubai Valentine's Day boat party, they add happiness and pleasure to your occasion. You can surprise your soulmate with an LED decoration in the colour of their choice.

Arrange a candlelit Valentine's Day yacht boat in Dubai 2024. They are the symbols of relaxation and romance. Including them in the interiors could evoke a feeling of peace and serenity. These elegant pieces should not be avoided in any way.

There is no event without balloons. Since it is a Valentine’s Day yacht party in Dubai, why not fill your yacht with plenty of red balloons? A better idea is to pop a balloon and let your partner find the hidden gift you have for them inside.

D3 Yachts can arrange decor according to the theme you demand. It is always better to go with a theme for your Valentine's Day celebration on the yacht. A theme related to love is the best choice for a romantic Valentine's Day party.

Soulmate surprising gift ideas

Gifts are a gateway to the heart of your soulmate. You can make them happy by offering small gifts that they love and have longed for. These gifts increase the bond between you and your partner. What is important is that whatever gift you give them, they are able to create memories of you in the future. Make them feel your love and care for them.

Fill your romantic date on a yacht with love notes expressing your love for her. This would be an unexpected gift for your partner. Let them read it aloud and capture their expression while reading these love notes. Becoming shy?

During your romantic dinner, propose to your beloved with a customised ring. This will be so special that they will keep it as a souvenir of your love. Or maybe you could surprise your boyfriend with customised hand chains he'd love too.

At that moment, let both of you relive all of your most cherished memories. A photo memory collage could take you back to your golden days even when you are celebrating your luxurious Valentine's Day on a yacht.

Your Valentine's Day sail on a yacht could be made memorable if you could watch the happiness and those little cute expressions on your partner's face when you hand them a personalised gift hamper.

It's Valentine's Day with a yacht rental, so you should definitely include chocolates. If it is a gift for your girlfriend, she will be very happy. Your special occasion is made even sweeter with a box of delicious chocolates.

Main highlights of Valentine's Day yacht

Sunset viewing

You can hold a Valentine's Yacht Party on the luxury yacht that we provide. While the yacht cruises slowly along the waters, you get to enjoy the mesmerising sites and their views. Watch a beautiful sunset with your charming partner. Charter a yacht for Valentine's Day that falls on February 14th and feel the excitement.

Candlelight dinner

Most Valentine's Day cruises in Dubai offer a buffet dinner on this special day. But to make this day very special, a romantic dinner can be offered by D3 Yachts only. With candles, glittering lights, and soft music, that moment you propose could be made historic.

Official proposal and cake cutting

When a gentle breeze caresses you, you know it's time for the most anticipated moment. Everything on the yacht is set, and every eye onboard is eagerly waiting for that moment to happen. Your Valentine's Day party on a yacht comes to an end when you finally propose to your beloved. Yes, that was the only reason why you decided to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day on a yacht in Dubai. Right?


A Valentine's Day with a yacht rental would be incomplete without a professional photographer. Your precious moments must be captured without fail by someone who knows the value of them. You can celebrate Valentine's Day on a yacht in Dubai without worrying about the photos when there is a photographer with you.

Love revealing (friends)

We know that as a best friend, you will be waiting for your friend to reveal their love to their partner. Even if you are newly married, why are you reluctant to reveal your love to your life partner? During your yachting trip in Dubai, express your love and care for them. After all, it's a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner cruise arranged on Valentine's Day.

Flower bed decor

When the colour red surrounds you, all you see is love in every decoration. When you are renting a yacht for a Valentine's Day party, we can arrange all the decor for you if you let us know during the booking process. A bed covered with beautiful red roses could be a venue for you to propose to your partner and put a ring on her finger on V Day. If you are still friends, then it's a perfect place to become a couple by confessing your love.

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