New year's Eve Party

Throw a yacht party this Christmas & New year. Here is why.

The chilly climate makes this Christmas & New year holiday season the most suitable time for get-togethers. December is the busiest season of the year as it is a time to celebrate with lights, music, meals, and drinks. Parties and various events are organised everywhere so that all nights become magical, filled with fun and laughter. These parties and events can boost the relationships between friends and family and even colleagues. Christmas & New year parties reconnect people as they have a common goal to celebrate. So for a change, celebrate your Christmas & New year this year and host a Christmas & New year party in 2025 on a luxury yacht.


The best season to host a party

December is the best month to host a party because of its cool temperature. The scorching temperatures have come to an end and everybody is relaxed. This festive time is filled with many special events, one of them being yacht parties. With all the decorations, music, and lights, the entertainment is never ending onboard. D3yachts can be your companion for Christmas & New year party yacht rentals as we have a long list of party yachts.

For several reasons, as listed below, December is the best season to host a yacht party.

  • Adorable Weather

    Dubai in December has an average high temperature of 26ºC which moves as low upto 15ºC at night. Even though it's not snowy, the temperature is constant with less heat making December an ideal time for different events to organise. You can host your Christmas & New year celebration on a yacht charter in Dubai so that you can have fun to the maximum.

  • Festive Season

    December is a special month having astronomical, cultural, and religious significance. Worldwide, it is a time considered to be celebrated as it marks the end of a year and people get ready to welcome a new year of hope. So many festivals and events are planned for this month to celebrate life. Moreover, Christmas & New year, which is a festival celebrated worldwide, makes it even more special. If you are looking for Christmas & New year eve yacht hire in 2025 , you can contact D3 yachts.

  • Christmas & New year Special

    When you hear the word December, the first word that comes to your mind will be Christmas & New year. It is an occasion where family and friends get together to spend time sharing gifts, food, and love. You can go for a Christmas & New year decoration party in 2025 on D3yachts to enjoy this festive season with your friends and family. Plan ahead and book the yacht as early as possible so that you are never going to miss the fun onboard.

Christmas & New year Activities for Adults

Christmas & New year is a time for not just kids, but adults too. Who said you cannot play games? Enjoy your Christmas & New year day yacht celebrations by getting involved in a lot of activities this Christmas & New year so that you will never regret the time gone. Convert the Christmas & New year season into a season for competition because all you have to do is to make this season merry. Here are some interesting activities that you can do while on your Christmas & New year party yacht charter.

In this interesting game played by rotation, sitting in a circle, One person will start singing the first line of a popular song, say ‘Jingle Bells’. When he or she stops, the next person sitting nearby should continue the song with the second line. This goes and goes until a person becomes unable to sing the following lines. This game seems simple but is really tricky and challenging as not everyone knows the lyrics in full. If you need a change, you can write some famous songs on paper chits , roll them up, and can be drawn out to select the starting song.

An amazing game which is all about speed. If you are more in number, you can divide the team into two. All you need for this game is some unwrapped gifts and some wrapping paper supplies. Both teams are given a specific number of gifts. The challenge is to wrap a gift faster than the other team. The winner of this game will be the team that finishes wrapping all the gifts given to them. To make it exciting, let each person taking part in the competition tie up one of their hands. So, to wrap a gift, the hands of two people will be required. Here is where real teamwork comes into play.

Another funny game that can be incorporated into your Christmas & New year party 2025 is the White Elephant Gift Exchange. This game is known by different names, such as Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap. This gift exchange game is a classic one where everyone brings a wrapped gift and puts it on the general gift table. Everyone in turn can take one gift from the table and, if efficient, could steal another one. The game ends once there is no gift left on the table.

Christmas & New year Activities for kids

Christmas & New year time is a joyful time for kids. So when you book a yacht party on D3yachts, they are the ones who get the most excited about it. They get a chance to play party games after having their food. The festive mood is enhanced once the elderly make the atmosphere favourable to the kids for their games. Without games, there would be no fun, which means the entire function would be monotonous. By organising different kinds of games, the party will be entertaining both for kids and the elderly. The games listed below are some of the games that could be played by children while at the yacht party.

This game is super fun to play and does not require much effort. If you can arrange some small-sized red cups, tiny jingle bells, glue, and cardboard sheets, the game can begin. You must first stick the cups on the cardboard sheets and place them quite a distance from the players. Give all the kids who are participating some jingle bells and tell them to toss the bells into the glued cups. If there are more children, then divide them into teams. The winner is the kid or the team who tosses the most bells into the cups.

This activity can create strong bonds between the children as it is a team effort where they spend time together with a common mission. A plain Christmas & New year tree must be provided to each team along with some decorative items. Ask the children to decorate the tree as soon as possible. The team that finishes building the tree first is the winner. After the competition, let every child explain their experience of participating in the game. Take a photograph of each child with the Christmas & New year tree.

Adding some dancing and twisting to the party will be great in order to make it lively. On the deck, you can play the music in the background and ask every child to dance. When the music stops abruptly, everyone must freeze. Those who stop last will be out. This game can make every child laugh and have fun throughout the Christmas & New year yacht party. Christmas & New year is an occasion when everyone, whether friends or family, gets together. Activities and games could actually strengthen every relationship, and they will be lasting. By booking a yacht from D3yachts for your Christmas & New year party, you can enjoy some beautiful moments with family and friends.

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