Origin of Easter

Easter is considered to be divine as it is one of the most important days in Christianity. It is observed to commemorate Jesus Christ's resurrection on the third day of his crucifixion. According to the bible, the word "Easter" was derived from "Eostre," which is a Saxon word (Eostre) that denotes a goddess of the Saxons. The word can also mean "the season of the growing sun". The first recorded Easter celebration dates back to the 2nd century, and like any other holiday, Easter has accumulated many traditions.

It would be spectacular to spend this year's Luxurious Easter on a Yacht with your family and friends. D3 Yachts, Dubai, is ready to amuse you with a lot of surprises onboard that you will never be able to forget the Easter of 2024. If possible, celebrate Easter dinner on a yacht, enjoying the beautiful sunset and the evening sky that surrounds you with positive vibes. Also plan some fantastic Easter party activities for the family, including some adventurous watersports rentals to make the Easter splendid. You can take advantage of our easter yacht offers in Dubai 2024. Please keep in mind that we can make all arrangements according to your requirements if you notify us during the booking process. So, get ready to have a great time this Easter by chartering a yacht for an Easter party.

Easter Event Decor

When it comes to Easter decor, you should never miss Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. It is believed that the Easter bunnies are the ones who bring eggs in baskets. So why not make some chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies while on your trip? When planning an Easter party for your family on a yacht, make sure to decorate the entire vessel to look like an Easter celebration. You can use Easter themes and go for Easter decor such as decorated eggs, bunny toys, baskets, and so on. You can either arrange them yourself or have us do it for you. However, you must notify us of this requirement when booking your Luxury Yacht.

Easter Yacht Party Celebration in Dubai

Why not spend Easter Sunday aboard a yacht? Include a variety of family recreational activities on your Easter yacht trip because this is the time to have a good time. When you book a Yacht Rental for Easter Sunday, you are actually booking a package of laughter and fun. Yes, with an incredible buffet dinner, dancing, and spectacular views of the Dubai Marina and related sites, you are immersed in a fantasy world. If you come with your life partner, you can also enjoy a nice, cool couple jet ski ride that will enhance your time together. So let's party and celebrate this Easter together.

Fun-filled moments with family

Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend Easter with your family and friends? Why not arrange your Easter dinner on a yacht? It would be a change of location for the family as well as friends, rather than choosing a normal banquet hall or hotel room. When the sun is shining and the weather is still warm, you can take a relaxing cruise around Dubai Marina, visiting all of its attractions. Make memories by taking lots of pictures with your family. If you are accompanied by kids, then for them, the Easter celebration on a yacht in Dubai will be a whole new experience.

Easter yacht Dinner Cruise

Experience the food variety that we offer on our yacht for your Easter Sunday party in Dubai. You and your family could dine on delectable cuisine while listening to soothing music at a candlelit table. When you charter a dinner cruise, you will have an unforgettable experience. You can celebrate Easter in Dubai while also sampling some local cuisine. If you are planning a luxurious Easter party for your friends on a yacht, you can have us arrange food for you. It is important to note that for your Easter yacht party, food will be arranged based on pre-orders that must be made at the time of booking.

Fun Activities in Yacht

Every celebration intends to be enjoyed with close family and friends. You can plan a variety of activities and games for your Easter Yachting in Dubai to keep you entertained throughout the trip. That includes activities such as Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Balloon Races, Easter Bingo Cards, etc. Play together with kids so that they feel more secure and inclusive. Yachting in Dubai can be so much fun that it is the best gift you can give your family. If you want to celebrate with your friends, why not arrange an Easter yacht party? After all, what matters most is to have fun and celebrate Easter on a yacht in Dubai. So D3 Yachts wishes you a Happy Easter in Dubai 2024.

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