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D3 Yachts services presents a whole new ambience in the world of cruise ships with subtle quality. The yacht rental in Dubai that we offer are crafted with sheer perfection that it yields an aura of pureness. Each yacht charter we offer has our mark of quality adhered within it, which signifies the love and care that we impart upon our people. Our company visualizes the permanence that customer relation is the sole requirement for any business and to accomplish the task abundant efforts and incessant allegiances are required. Embark on a treasured and the best extravagant voyage using our yacht charter in Dubai by D3 Yachts, one of the popular yacht rental companies in Dubai. We aim to deliver the exclusive yacht charter experience with safety and matchless luxury across the UAE. D3 yachts have so many means for voyagers to explore beautiful part of Dubai marina. You will get to travel around famous appealing destinations of Dubai and enjoy spending your time in the lap of natural beauty surrounding you.


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Charter A Yacht

A yacht charter is for anyone who wants to have an exclusive experience with a touch of luxury. You can have a fine holiday on a yacht enjoying various water activities or just relaxing with friends or family or have a private party. Luxury yacht charters are often given as gifts so that they can experience the opulence and grandeur of premium yachting. If you want to build a name for your brand, make it iconic by hosting your client meeting or the office party on a yacht. Yachts are one of the favorite locations for hosting corporate events. From client meetings to corporate getaways for employees, yachts make the best spot due to their privacy and luxury. You can add glamour and style to your brand events with luxurious yachts.
Do you have a special occasion that you want to add some glitz to make more special? You can make any special occasion even more more special by celebrating it on a yacht. From birthdays to wedding receptions, a yacht rental agency can help you hold anything you want on your yacht. Stay overnight in the premium cabins and enjoy the savory meals from breakfast to supper. Get additional luxury services by making specific requests to the staff at the yacht agency that assist you on your yacht rental and planning your event.

Are you wondering where to get your yacht charter in Dubai? One of the most popular yachting destinations in Dubai is the Dubai Marina. With its sandy stretches, luxury cafes, complexes, and choice of dining and craft markets Dubai Marina is a favorite hotspot for tourists and citizens alike. You can always go for a private yacht charter from Dubai Marina because of its proximity to other entertainment and relaxation options, and shopping complexes especially if you are hosting a party. Your members can go for a walk out in the picturesque city and explore its favorite spots. You can also hire a luxury private yacht service from here after exploring this much sought-after location. It has splendor in every corner and you will surely enjoy having a quiet dinner under the glowing skyscrapers in this luxurious and glamorous place. The magnificent views and luxury make the Dubai Marina ideal for parties as well as relaxing getaways and yacht cruising.

Planning a corporate yacht charter for your special guests or a private yacht charter for yourself on a special occasion or an event? People hire yachts for several reasons and every yacht rental has unique requirements. We have an experienced and certified crew from stewards to captains who can provide a premium experience. The yacht rental service that you choose can define your entire yachting experience and for a once-in-a-lifetime yachting experience, you need an expert in creating and providing tailor-made yacht renting services. D3 yacht rentals have more than 10 years of experience and expertise in private yacht and corporate yacht rental services. All our crew members are professionals who are certified and provide premium services. Our corporate yacht booking services include expert staffs who are adept in conducting various parties and catering to the needs of thousands of customers which makes us knowledgeable and help us be prepared for any of your needs. Stay ahead of the competition in the business world by providing exclusive experiences like yacht rentals from experienced yacht rental companies like D3 yachts to your clients.
We have a fine selection of vessels and services that can be customized for any occasion that you have. We have safety boats and have taken other safety precautions. The yachts are certified to guarantee the safety of all members. Our yachts have state-of-the-art facilities from music systems to Jacuzzis and fishing to water toys and jet skiis to give you the taste of well- planned and executed, perfect adventures when compared to a boating trip. With the best food, music, and dedicated service, we specialize in creating unique experiences for every client of ours from a unique corporate party to having a soothing and relaxing day under the sun. Our dedicated staff will also assist you in planning your corporate event and you don't have to worry about arranging anything else on your special occasion. We have everything on board for you for your private yacht charter as well as your corporate yacht charter.

An ISO Certified Company

We present splendid array of private yacht rentals dubai with the additional bonus of clear water bodies, the ruins of ancient cultures and vibrant nightlife. Take your friends and family on an experience of a lifetime, and revel in the beautiful beaches of the bays.


A Choice of Yachting Destinations

Whether you want to have a party in a beautiful location or go cruising on the blue bays, Dubai has a choice of yachting destinations for you to choose from. Dubai can be viewed at its best from the sea. Take in the scenery and admire the seafront landmarks of the best destinations in Dubai all while you enjoy and relax on your luxury yacht. You can choose from the choice signature destinations like Dubai Marina, Blue Water Island, Dubai Eye, Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Al Arab, the Palm, and the Atlantis. The routes for yacht cruising can be chosen based on the timings of the day and your other plans. We have a lot of ways to make your day entertaining and enjoyable. Choose your favorite locations to dock and have your party going. Get your private yacht party going while enjoying the glamour of the city or relax on the peaceful bays. Explore and discover the hidden gems of Dubai on a private yacht tour. So, whatever your idea for a perfect day on yacht is, talk to our staff and we will create it for you.

Filter the Finest Collection of Yachts

With Jacuzzis, music systems, private cabins, and BBQ grills, yachts are equipped with luxury and entertainment systems. D3 yachts rentals have a broad selection of yachts for you in Dubai Marina for your every need. Our collection of yachts includes various yachts of different capacities and sizes which you can select from for your private or corporate special occasions. Our smallest yacht is the D3 14 with a capacity of 10 Pax and can have 10 persons on board. This yacht has a length of 33 meters and has one room in it. You will have a crew of 2 persons to assist you. This is ideal for private cruises and getaways. On the other hand, the largest vessel in our fleet is D3 21 which is 95 feet long. With 4 rooms, a saloon, and Jacuzzis, the yacht is well equipped to provide you with the ultimate yachting experience perfect for your corporate party. You can experience royalty while going yacht cruising with this Gulf craft 95 ft luxury house on the sea from Dubai Marina to the blue bays. Our signature collection consists of vessels with varying capacities and facilities to match the needs of any special occasion. We will create the perfect yacht experience for you. Go boating, sightseeing, shopping on your private yacht charter in Dubai Marina, or enjoy with colleagues and party on your special occasion with the D3 Yachts agency's fine collection of yachts.

dinner-cruise on yachts

Dinner Cruise on Yacht

We present an amazing opportunity to enjoy your special occasions with a dinner cruise in Dubai in the comfort of most luxurious yacht charter in Dubai.

yachts with spot- fishing

Spot fishing

D3 Yachts rental in Dubai can help you find the right yacht for the spot fishing with professionals on board to help you all along the way.

yachts Dubai tour

Water tourism

Involve in a variety of water sports activities on your yacht charter vacation. Yacht rental in Dubai is often synonymous with a completely soothing holiday immersed between sun and sea.

water skiing adventure

Water sports

You may be involved in water sports activities before. Explore the scenic beauty and do some interesting water-based activities with our yacht charter in Dubai.

Dubai yacht rental

Yacht rentals

Our luxury yacht rental in Dubai offers you an out of the ordinary experience of chartering a yacht and exploring various destinations.

Explore Dubai

With our yacht charter in Dubai, choose packages to experience the sights and sounds of the city in its true sense

Charter Services, Luxury Options

Want to hire a luxury private yacht service or corporate yacht in Dubai Marina Wake up to a choice of breakfast in the morning and have a fun-filled day full of activities including yacht cruising, have a barbecue while you enjoy the sunset, and enjoy an exquisite dinner under the stars on a private yacht in Dubai Marina. There are different luxury private yacht charter services like family yacht charters, corporate yacht charters, and tandem fleet charters for small groups to choose from based on the occasion and the events you are planning.We will help you choose and plan your events on a private yacht, creating exclusive luxury experiences..

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