Why choose D3 Yachts in Dubai Marina?

D3 Yachts rental in Dubai Marina specialises in curating the perfect atmosphere tailored to your rental yacht or boat events. Our paramount focus is on understanding and delivering precisely what our clients envision while they book a yacht and embark on their offshore journey in Dubai. Whether you seek relaxed yacht sightseeing and dinner or a sophisticated and elegant rental tour package in Dubai with some partying, we possess the expertise to transform your luxury rental yacht charter tour experience into an event that's truly remarkable.

As you book a luxury private rental yacht tour with us in Dubai, it is not only enjoyable but also delectable. We take pride in serving top-tier cuisine and the best beverages on our dinner cruise, ensuring your palate is delighted with every bite and sip. Choose from our premium range of thrilling rental water sports activities in Dubai during the tour—sunbath on the deck or go fishing—all customised to your Dubai rental yacht tour preferences.

Worried about affordability? Rest assured, our yacht rental pricing remains exceedingly reasonable, making your yacht party cruise package with D3 Yachts in Dubai Marina an even more enticing proposition. Book your rental yacht tour in Dubai today.


Book your luxury private yacht for rent in Dubai

Planning to take a tour of Dubai on a private luxury super yacht? We got everything from boats to luxury superyachts that you can book and have a rental ride or conduct an event and have a dinner with loved ones. A yacht tour in Dubai Marina is something marvellous that should be on your travel bucket list if you're a travel enthusiast. Once in a lifetime, feel the salty sea breeze of Dubai and sunshine while on deck of our rental yachts and party like never before on your tour. Let the waves carry you to the horizons of Dubai that you have dreamed of discovering on a boat tour. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the most exciting sight from our yachts—dolphins coming to the surface of the water. If you think that this is what you have been longing to experience, then book a luxurious premium party superyacht package from D3 Yachts and enjoy the best rental trip of your lifetime in Dubai.

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Premium Collections of Luxury Yacht Charters in Dubai Marina

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us in Dubai that knows no bounds. Our premium luxury rental yacht charters in Dubai Marina redefine relaxation and adventure, making every moment at sea an unforgettable escape with a fine dinner to wind up your yacht tour in Dubai. Book a rental yacht and feel the tranquillity on the decks of a private superyacht charter during the Dubai sunset. Enjoy the tour and a delicious dinner on our yachts in Dubai.

As you book and charter one of our premium rental yachts, you'll have the opportunity to go sightseeing at a range of stunning locations in Dubai, all while relishing in the unparalleled comfort and luxury of a private yacht cruise experience on board. On the decks of our private superyachts you charter in Dubai, you can have a full-on party, an event, or just watch the sunset and have a fine dinner. Hurry and book a yacht in Dubai today!

Our dedicated crew will take the time to understand your needs, expertly guiding you through the superyacht or boat selection and booking process. You'll be taken on a tour of the perfect sunset spots in Dubai, and you can party, have an event—let it be a birthday event or corporate event—or relax and have dinner. We're here to help you make the best choice, ensuring your Dubai yacht rental experience is nothing short of exceptional. So, when are you planning to book your private yacht in Dubai?



Capacity :120 PAX
Feet : 151 Ft


Capacity :58 PAX
Feet : 95 Ft


Capacity :23 PAX
Feet : 68 Ft


Capacity :22 PAX
Feet : 62 Ft


Capacity :33 PAX
Feet : 82 Ft

What's new with yacht charter packages in Dubai?

At D3 Yachts, we make a luxury private yacht charter an experience of a lifetime with great dinner and touring moments on a rental yacht in Dubai. Brimming with opulence, an exceptional crew, and premium amenities for any yacht tour events, you have everything you need for an adventure as you book our superyacht tour packages in Dubai. A luxury yacht charter from an experienced yacht rental agency in Dubai comes with an exclusive package that includes a gourmet menu including a dinner, luxurious interiors and sleeping quarters, and modern entertainment systems, perfect for your boat party and events. So what are the latest facilities that are going to sweep you off on a luxury party yacht hire in Dubai? Book your rental boat ride in Dubai today.

Dedicated Rental Yacht Crew

Because crew matters! When you book a rental yacht package with us in Dubai Marina, you have everything from the captain, chefs, and stewards to water sports facilitators. You will have a dedicated crew to take care of you while you relax and enjoy yourself effortlessly on board our boat. You can talk to our experts at D3 Yachts in Dubai Marina to choose the right crew, a delicious dinner, and the best rental superyacht package to book that is fit for your yacht tour and events.


Customised Menu on the Rental Yacht

Taste the best dinner on our rental boat tour in Dubai. As you book a private superyacht from us in Dubai, we provide impeccable service and have superior standards in every facility that we provide to our customers on our yacht rental service, especially with the dinner. You can dine al fresco or in private, and our chefs will prepare a personalised menu with fresh and flavorful food on our boats. Just make sure to communicate what customizations are possible on each tour package. Book now and enjoy the exquisite cuisine on your yacht tour in Dubai.


Add more fun with
water sports in Dubai

When you book a yacht in Dubai from D3 Yachts, you are booking for more than just a yacht cruising experience. From fishing to jet skiing, we have a wide range of water toys to add fun to your cruise package and charters in Dubai Marina. You can enjoy water sports or fishing based on your preference with our yacht rental service in Dubai Marina. Our team will help you choose the right rental boat if you're looking for some watersport adventure in Dubai. You can also specify these preferences while booking your yacht in Dubai from us.


Luxury at its best in Dubai

Craving for a dream yacht getaway away from the Dubai crowd? Charter a private rental yacht in Dubai and have a party or event. We have everything on board to make it come true. Dinner on the yacht during your Dubai tour? We serve great dinners on our rental yacht tours. Book your Dubai yacht rental tour today. Whether it is a boat party with your friends or colleagues or a family holiday tour, yachts offer an exclusive and premium experience. Our yachts offer luxury at its best. Want to customise your luxury yacht charter package? You name it, and at our yacht rental service in Dubai, we have it all on our boats to make it an amazing private tour for you. Book your luxury yacht ride today.


The Ultimate Yachting Experience in Dubai Marina with the Best Yacht Hire

You need the right yacht and the best crew to create the complete premium yacht cruise experience. An experienced yacht rental agency like D3 Yachts in Dubai Marina will help you find the best yacht, package, and crew for your luxury yacht ride in Dubai. If you are hiring a corporate yacht charter service, you will need staterooms, boardrooms, a great crew, a fine dinner, and other special facilities during the superyacht cruise in Dubai. Whether you are booking a private yachting experience to get away from the busy world and enjoy the soothing sea on your boat tour or you want to build a brand presence by connecting with your clients or launching a product, you need best-in-class service with luxurious amenities on board. D3 Yachts has an experienced crew to give you premium service, while our rental yachts are equipped with the best modern amenities crafted in style and luxury for your rental yacht tour experience in Dubai. From waking up in the morning to a blue sea to enjoying the taste of adventure with jet skiing or even diving if you want, fishing, and getting a premium experience with Jacuzzis or sunbathes, indulge in the pleasures of a luxury yacht hire package with a fine crew to craft a special experience while on deck. With the right yacht charter, you can get value for your fee and leave with a lot of great memories made in Dubai. Go sightseeing in Dubai's favourite locations, from Dubai to the Atlantis, and cruise while enjoying the stellar city. Relax and sunbathe on the yacht deck, loosening up your mind and body. Have discos or private dances under the stars and fall in love with your exclusive superyacht experience while enjoying flavorful meals on board cooked just for you. Yacht rental services are not just about being on luxury vessels; they are tailor-made cruise experiences to take home for everyone. Book your yacht private cruise experience in Dubai with D3 Yachts.

Thinking of booking a rental yacht tour in Dubai?

Where do you want to go today for an exclusive yachting experience in Dubai Marina? Chartering or booking a superyacht cruise or boat tour can feel a little tricky, even if you are familiar with the process. How do you choose the right rental yacht or boat and the right crew? Do you need support in choosing the best rental cruise yacht for your special occasion or a party? Which is the best location to choose for yacht docking, and which is the best route for yacht cruising? This is why we have an exclusive, dedicated yacht and boat booking in Dubai from D3 Yachts rental. Our crew is ready to help you create your ultimate yachting experience on our superyachts in Dubai. If you need a yacht rental service for a birthday party or a corporate product launch, we can help you plan in minute detail, and our staff will take care of all arrangements in the tour package, from food to the floor. Our rental yachts and boats are equipped with the best music systems, opulent designs, and lighting that adds a tinge of grandeur to your occasion, and our dedicated staff will make sure that everything is done right to make your special occasion on the yacht memorable. Our team of professionals is committed to excellence and will provide you with options, knowledge, and best-in-class service at all points of your boat cruise. We pay attention to detail, and our dedicated yacht management team ensures that you have all the resources you require. With a crew who will ensure that your every need is met and a premium service, you are in for an experience of a lifetime with our much-loved, dedicated premium luxury yacht booking company.

Entertainment on a Super Yacht in Dubai

Our range of featured premium yachts and boats for booking offers different levels of service for you on your super yacht charter. With a luxury yacht, you get decadent services with ultra-premium amenities and a great crew. These superyachts for charter are equipped with the latest technology and have smart amenities on board. From staterooms to luxury cabins with bedding that hug you to sleep to comfort and cuisine, our yacht rental agency provides various luxury yacht rental services to make your day special, along with state-of-the-art entertainment systems perfect for partying. Book your private party yacht package and keep your toes moving to the beats on our boats. Our luxury yacht rental and charter service also includes water sports and fishing, which you can enjoy with assistance from our trained crew. You can bring in your own fishing gear or ask in advance if the fishing gear will be available on the boat. If fishing is your main aim, you can book a boat that's most suitable for fishing. Explore more with a luxury super yacht cruise and enjoy the peaceful waves along with your favourite hotspots in Dubai. Dock or cruise, our luxury yacht rentals come with exceptional crew, unlimited entertainment options, and customizable features. So, how about a boat or superyacht cruise? Book your dream luxury private yacht charter today.

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on a Premier Yacht

Our range of featured yachts offers different levels of service for you on your yacht charter. With a yacht, you get decadent services with ultra-premium amenities. These yachts are equipped with the latest technology and have smart amenities. From staterooms to luxury cabins with bedding that hug you to sleep to comfort and cuisine, our yacht rental agency provides various services to make your day special, along with state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Our luxury yacht rental service also includes water sports and fishing, which you can enjoy with assistance from our trained staff. Explore more with a luxury yacht cruise and enjoy the peaceful waves and seas along with your favourite hotspots in Dubai. Dock or cruise, our luxury yacht rentals come with unlimited entertainment options and customizable features.


How to book a yacht in Dubai?
All you have to do is provide us with the date of the trip and preferred timing for the charter, and share with us your expectations about the cruise. Feel free to share your previous experiences and suggestions, and everything will be taken care of. Give us the total number of guests, and we will recommend the perfect or ideal yacht that suits your needs. We can also organise corporate events, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, gender reveal parties, perfect get-togethers, proposals on yachts, wedding and engagement events, and getaway cruises. Taste the finest of delicacies, get personalised yacht decoration based on the events, and have a thrilling water sports experience.
You can make a booking with either full payment or a 50% deposit, with the remaining 50% payable upon arrival. Once we send the official quotation, deposits can be paid by multiple payment methods. For the booking confirmation of the yacht, you need to secure it with a down payment by deposit.
The size, model, facilities, and crew for your trip must be decided on the basis of the number of travellers, the purpose of the journey, and so on. Our experts can help guide you through this decision-making process. We can arrange top-class delicacies and provide water sports activities. Once you fix the yacht, you can book it through our website by selecting the date and time of the journey and making the payment.
A yacht ticket in Dubai usually costs depending on the yacht and cruise hours you choose. You can book a yacht starting at as little as 399 AED per hour, and depending on the facilities available on board, the number of guests allowed, and the size of the yacht, the prices can go up. Our luxurious yachts can cost up to 6,000 AED per hour, and they come with a great crew of eight people, including the captain, chef, and other members. These luxury super yachts can accommodate up to 130 guests and come with air conditioning, music systems, BBQ facilities, a kitchen, and jacuzzis.
We offer a range of fun-filled water sports activities to keep your adrenaline pumping throughout the whole ride. Our yachts also offer luxurious, premium amenities where you will feel the most comfortable.
Our chefs will ensure your requirements are considered. It's always best to communicate your food-related requirements beforehand in case some of the travellers have a food allergy or other issues. Make sure these are discussed while booking the yacht. Depending on your needs and preferences, a chef with a team in the kitchen can cook for you the best dishes on the yacht.
The major yachting destinations in Dubai are the Palm Jumeirah Islands, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and the Moon Island.
If you're planning to have a private, luxurious yacht cruise in Dubai Marina, you can book a yacht depending on the number of crew and how you want to spend your time. A friend or family group of less than 10 members can choose a smaller yacht. Got a big party, corporate event, or family event in mind? We have yachts that can carry up to 130 guests. We have got the perfect yacht for you, no matter the number of guests!