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Experience Beyond Luxury

Yacht rental is not just about a luxurious journey with premium amenities. With a luxury yacht booking, you get a ticket to an exclusive experience for everyone on board to share. A yacht rental is private and that is special. What makes a yacht rental an appealing option for your getaway is its flexibility. You can have a big party with all your friends and family or with your colleagues by making a luxury yacht booking with D3 yachts rental company. You can also share a happy and lovely day with your family on a holiday by renting a yacht. Whatever you want the yacht rental to be about, we will help create the perfect ambiance for you. Get away from your busy days and relax with amazing food, games, entertainment, and more by making a luxury yacht booking. We will add quality, comfort, and glamour to your experience. From the moment you step onboard, you will get the finest experience that takes your day to a new level with our premium yacht rental service.

What's new with Yacht charters?

At D3 Yachts, we make a luxury yacht charter an experience of a lifetime. Brimming with opulence and premium amenities, you have everything you need for an adventure here. A luxury yacht charter from an experienced yacht rental agency comes with exclusive offerings that include a gourmet menu, luxurious interiors and sleeping quarters, and modern entertainment systems. So what are the latest facilities that are going to sweep you off on a luxury yacht hire?

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    Dedicated crew

    When you do a yacht booking, you have everything from the captain, chefs, and stewards to water sports facilitators, you will have a dedicated crew to take care of you while you relax and enjoy effortlessly. You can talk to our experts at D3 Yachts rentals to choose the right crew that is fit for your needs.

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    Customized Menu

    We provide impeccable service and have superior standards in every facility that we provide to our customers on our yacht rental service. You can dine al fresco or in private and our chefs will prepare you a personalized menu with fresh and flavourful food. Enjoy the exquisite cuisine on your journey.

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    Add more fun with water toys

    From fishing to jet skis, we have a wide range of water toys to add fun to your adventure. You can enjoy water sports or fishing based on your preference with our yacht rental service.

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    Luxury at its best

    What is your idea of a dream getaway away from the crowd? We have everything to make it come true. Whether it is a party with your friends or colleagues or a family holiday, yachts offer an exclusive experience. Want to customize your yacht charter? You name it and at our yacht rental service, we have it all for making it an amazing experience for you.

Entertainment at Premier Yachts

Our range of featured yachts offers different levels of service for you on your yacht charter. With a yacht, you get decadent services with ultra-premium amenities. These yachts are equipped with the latest technology and have smart amenities. From staterooms to luxury cabins with beddings that hug you to sleep, to comfort and cuisine, our yacht rental agency provides various services to make your day special along with state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Our luxury yacht rental service also includes water sports and fishing which you can enjoy with assistance from our trained staff. Explore more with a luxury yacht cruise and enjoy the peaceful waves and seas along with your favorite hotspots in Dubai. Dock or cruise, our luxury yacht rentals come with unlimited options for entertainment with customizable features.

Ultimate Yachting Experience in Dubai with the Right Yacht Hire

You need the right yacht and the right crew for creating the complete premium yachting experience. An experienced yacht rental agency like D3 yachts will help you find the right yacht for your luxury yacht hire. If you are hiring a corporate yacht charter service, you need staterooms and boardrooms, and other special facilities.
Whether you are looking for a private yachting experience to get away from the busy world and enjoy the soothing sea or you want to build a brand presence by connecting with your clients or launching a product, you need best-in- class service with luxurious amenities. D3 yachts rentals company have experienced professionals to give you premium service while our vessels are equipped with modern amenities crafted in style and luxury. From waking up in the morning to a blue sea to enjoying the taste of adventure with jet skiing or even diving if you want, swimming to the music, and getting a premium experience with Jacuzzis or sunbathes, indulge in the pleasures of a luxury yacht hire with a fine crew to craft a special experience.
With the right yacht charter, you can get the worth for your fee and leave with a lot of great memories. Go sightseeing in Dubai's favorite locations from Dubai Marina to the Atlantis and enjoy the stellar city. Relax and sunbathe on the yacht loosening up your mind and body. Have discos or private dances under the stars and fall in love with your exclusive experience while enjoying flavorful meals cooked just for you. Yacht rental services are not just about being on luxury vessels but tailor-made experiences to take home for everyone.

Dedicated Yacht
Booking Service

Where do you want to go today for an exclusive yachting experience? Chartering a yacht can feel a little tricky even if you are familiar with the process. How do you choose the right vessel and the right crew? Do you need support for choosing the right yacht for your special occassion? Which is the right location to choose for docking and which is the right route for cruising? This is why we have an exclusive dedicated yacht booking service from D3 yachts rentals.
Our staff is ready to help you create your ultimate yachting experience. If you need a yacht rental service for a birthday party or a corporate product launch, we can help you plan in the minutest detail and our staff will take care of all arrangements from food to the floor. Our yachts are equipped with music systems, opulent designs, and lighting that adds a tinge of grandeur to your occasion and our dedicated staff will make sure that everything is done right to make your special occasion memorable. Our team of professionals is committed to excellence and will provide you with options, knowledge, and best-in-class service at all points of your journey. We pay attention to detail and our dedicated yacht management team ensures that you have all the resources you require. With a crew who will ensure that your every need is met and a premium service, you are in for an experience of a lifetime with our much-loved dedicated yacht booking company.


What clients say about us

Time spent on the trip was absolutely amazing. We are completely spoiled by the whole crew and the food served was beyond delicious.

-Rodriguez, Finland

The staffs made us feel like a family! We absolutely enjoyed the yacht cruise and the etiquette. We’ll visit again for sure in future.

-Joe Honai, Australia

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Everything You Need to Know
About Luxury Yacht Charter

Do you want to indulge in a premium yachting experience in Dubai? Here is everything you need to know about a luxury yacht charter. Select from our signature collection of yachts based on your needs. If you need assistance for yacht booking, the dedicated staff at D3 will help you choose the right one. Whether you are planning on hiring a corporate yacht charter or a personal yacht charter, communicate your needs properly with the yacht rental company. Our experts can help you get the right yacht and crew for your day on the yacht. If you want to have a party, you can dock the yacht and have the party onboard. If you want to go cruising, you can do that but with a lesser number of people onboard. You can hire a fleet if you have a large number of people and want to have an awesome experience together with a yacht booking. With our yacht booking service, you can personalize the menu and other luxury amenities available on the yacht to create your tailor-made yachting experience. If you want to go cruising on a yacht, you can discuss the route with our experts, and plan the entire journey with us. Ask for options and communicate with the staff at yacht rental agency to create an incredible tailor- made experience for your journey. We will help you plan to create memories that last a lifetime.

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